Friday, 13 January 2012

Worth The Risk by Karis Walsh

Jamie Callahan is a high flying Investment Analyst. She keeps any relationship at arms length. She will never let her heart become involved with anyone. Her niece Anna has everything money can buy, but she has neither love or Jamie’s precious time. Any romantic liaison Jamie has is short lived. Love them and leave them is Jamie’s attitude.

Kate Brown has grown up pleasing her parents. She puts on many different faces to meet all occasions. Kate’s parents are pushing her up the social ladder, maybe beyond what Kate actually wants for herself.

Jamie and Kate meet when Kate applies to Jamie’s investment company for funding to buy a superior horse to enter an Olympic event. Jamie finds herself fascinated and attracted to Kate. Which she must ignore at all costs. She has to protect her heart. The more time Jamie and Kate spend together the more difficult it becomes for Jamie to ignore her feelings. Kate herself, is feeling similarly torn by her attraction to Jamie, she knows Jamie is a player, she must also protect her heart.

Both women are vulnerable. They have to decide whether pursuing their path to love is worth the risk to their hearts.

When I read the first book Karis wrote back last year, I wondered how she would be able to top her debut book. Well, she has done it. This is a wonderfully refreshing, well written romance set among the horse world. Always a winning combination for me. This story is far more than a romance though. I don’t want to give away any spoilers here, it would not be fair. If you love a good romance with a story to get your teeth in to, this in my opinion will fit the bill.

I think the whole book, including the characters, story and setting is absolutely spot on and perfection. I loved it from start to finish and was really sorry to reach the end. Another one for my re-read shelf. Dare I ask how this one will be topped? I hope we see another Karis Walsh book soon.

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