Saturday, 7 January 2012

Immediate Possession by Syd Parker

Successful realtor Regan Sloan is hot, she owns her own company. So why is it so difficult for her to find the woman of her dreams? All Regan wants is a loving partner to spend her life with. Surely it isn’t too much to ask for? Unfortunately, Regan always seems to fall for the wrong women, straight women.

Still reeling from her encounter with Keely, the straight woman she’d fallen in love with, Regan bumps into Darcy Grey at her local bar. Regan is smitten with Darcy right away. That is until Darcy gets a text from her fiancĂ©, Riley. Regan watched her hopes once more come crashing down around her.

Charge Nurse Darcy Grey was at a bachelorette party when she met Regan. As Darcy and Regan chatted, Darcy began to feel things an ‘engaged to a man’ woman shouldn’t be feeling for another woman. Nothing could ever come of her feelings. Darcy has lost too much in life after losing her parents and her beloved grandparents. Even though Darcy is uncertain of her love for Riley, she simply can’t risk losing him too.

What will happen? Will Regan fight for Darcy knowing she could end up with heartache? Will Darcy stay with Riley even though he makes her unhappy and she doesn’t love him? Will Regan and Darcy ever take a chance on love together?

A nice hot and steamy romance with some wonderful characters. From the time Regan and Darcy met I was hoping they would get together. There are always reasons as to why they can’t be together though. I felt like shaking Darcy at times to urge her to go with her feelings. But the cat and mouse game they play is essential to the story. There is a great cast of friends, all of which play their own parts to perfection. Regan’s mom, Carrie, is lovely. If only all mom’s were like her.

The story is written with a great sense of humor. I loved this book and I look forward very much to reading the rest of Syd’s books soon. In my opinion, Syd Parker has the ability to be a top selling lesbian author.

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