Thursday, 26 January 2012

Petra's Canvas by Ann Roberts

Dani O’Grady, CEO of a large candy company, allowed her ex lover Petra to tattoo her body. The tattoos became an internet legend, except that nobody knows whose body the tattoos are on. Over the years, Dani has gone from lover to lover. Her personal life seems to be falling apart. Her son Liam has just married a money grabbing ex stripper and her previous exploits regarding an incident with a woman lover, has resulted in her being banned from entering Provincetown.

Dani meets a fascinating young woman, Cat, they have wild sex, then Dani finds out she is the adopted daughter of a half sister she never knew existed. Dani’s half sister Olivia, lives in Provincetown, Dani has to surreptitiously return there to meet with her. When Dani eventually gets to Provincetown, she discovers that Olivia has a will that entitles her to half of Dani’s company. Olivia intends to collect on this unless Dani persuades Cat to marry the man Olivia has lined up for her. Among all this turmoil, Dani meets Rafi, the owner of an upmarket candy store that her company does business with.

Will Dani and Rafi get together, or will Petra’s tattoo legacy come between them? It’s make up your mind time for Dani. What will she do?

I enjoyed this book which was fast paced and humorous in parts. The scenic settings made me just want to get right on down to Provincetown for a visit.

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