Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Two On The Aisle by Robbi McCoy

Undercover food critic, Eno Threlkeld, real name, Wren Landry, has left San Francisco for a vacation in Ashland, Oregon. She is visiting her brother, Raven. Raven is playing Beatrice in the play Much Ado About Nothing.

Wren hasn’t had much luck with women. She always seems to attract the weird sort. When her latest date maintained she was from another planet, Wren had been glad she was going to Ashland.

Goatherd and cheese maker, Sophie Ward met Wren while she was in town selling her cheese. The two women hit it off right away and spend the night making wild passionate love. Wren was in heaven, she thought at last she had found the perfect woman. Sophie left the next morning though without leaving her phone number.

What happens next can only be described by me as a complete fun filled book, full of misunderstandings, mistaken identities, love and laughter. A true comedy of errors.

When the villain of the story, John Batard decides to find and unmask Eno Threlkeld, he bites off more than he can chew. What will happen next?

Amidst all the hilarity and on a more serious note, will Wren and Sophie ever find the truth and get past the total misunderstandings to find the love they both deserve?

An excellent, well written, laugh out loud book. I have to admit, when I saw Shakespeare being quoted, I thought, ‘oh no, not my scene’. But I couldn’t have been more wrong. There is much more to this book than Shakespeare. Although I’m British and I don’t always ‘get’ the American sense of humor, I found the book so funny and the story just flows along. This is so very different to anything Robbi has written before. The one thing that is the same though, is the quality of the writing and the excellence of the story telling. The characters are superb. The whole book reminded me of going to the theater and watching a play. I could almost smell the goats and taste the cheese.

Another winner for Robbi and on my re-read shelf.

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