Friday, 20 January 2012

Entangled by Maria V Ciletti

Seventeen year old Hayden Crissman has a huge crush on her former teacher, Abbey Spencer. When Hayden graduates from high school, she and her best friend Calli, both get summer jobs at a fun fair in the Erie area. While she is living there she bumps into Abbey again. Her attraction for Abbey is stronger than ever. Will Hayden act on it?

Abbey Spencer returns to Erie and her closeted life with her lover, Professor Ann White. On her return home, Abbey discovers that Ann is still seeing Jackson Price, a man she had previously told Abbey she had made a mistake in having sex with. Ann maintained she was just curious and Abbey forgave her at the time.

Abbey is devastated and distraught when Ann tells her she wants Abbey to move out of their home and that she is no longer a lesbian.

Ann White is a devious and manipulative liar who will stop at nothing to get tenure. Even if she destroys the lives of those around her.

As with all of Maria’s previous books, the story is extremely well written. The agony and the angst comes off the pages in waves, I could really feel the suffering the characters endured. I also felt myself becoming extremely angry for the way Abbey was treated. Ann’s devious behavior leads to a catalogue of disasters for Abbey and also Hayden, causing untold pain to them both.

Whilst the actual story was good, I was not happy that there is actually more hetero love scenes in the book than lesbian love scenes. This book was sold as a lesbian fiction book and I felt cheated. The reason I buy lesbian fiction rather than mainstream is because that is what I like. So, unfortunately this book was a big turn off for me, which is a great pity because I was a big fan of Maria’s.

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