Friday, 13 January 2012

Cherry Grove by Susan X Meagher

During the summer break from her University post, Hayden rents a home on Fire Island, part of the Cherry Grove community. Hayden needs peace and quiet to write her book and Fire Island fits the bill perfectly. It is a small place and can only be reached by riding the ferry. It’s here that Hayden meets Gina, the hot and sexy ferry driver. Although Hayden knows they are both opposites, she accepts a date from Gina anyway. Hayden has some serious misgivings about dating Gina, after all, she doesn’t really know her, so she leaves a note on the fridge for her housemates, giving them details of her date and whereabouts.

After a steamy night of passion, Gina finds the note. She is incensed and leaves immediately, but not before retaliating and leaving a note of her own. Will Gina even speak to Hayden again?

Eventually Hayden and Gina start talking and dating. But Hayden’s friends don’t think Gina is good enough for her. Especially Hayden’s best friend Dana. Gina though, isn’t all she seems at first glance. Hayden gets a most pleasant surprise when she gets to know her better. What has Gina been holding back on? Will Hayden’s friends think differently about Gina when all is revealed?

As time goes on, Hayden and Gina begin to think they may have something special. But Hayden is looking into other job offers that will entail her moving right away. Will Hayden choose her career or Gina? What will Gina do when she finds out about Hayden’s job opportunities?

Another set back is caused by Gina’s ex girlfriend, Lacey, turning up, four years after they had split up. Does Lacey want Gina back? She is gorgeous, Hayden feels inferior, does Gina still love Lacey?

Things come to a head when Dana tells Gina that Hayden has had a job offer. A story that is not true. Will Gina listen to Hayden’s explanation? Hayden is so angry that she no longer wants Dana as her friend. Will Hayden and Gina be able to get past this latest in the long line of set backs?

This is a wonderful, delightful, passionate, hot, romance. A truly excellent book. The fledgling romance between Hayden and Gina is sweet and tender. All their highs and lows, the laughter and the tears, all written with the sympathy and understanding that only a good writer can put across to the reader.

Both Hayden and Gina are lovely characters. Each character brought an essential piece of themselves into the story to help it along it’s way. I loved the feeling of actually being there amongst these characters. I could quite easily picture myself riding along on the ferry.

Although this book is a nice length, I still didn’t want it to end. A page turner and a book that will be a definite re-read.

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