Saturday, 7 January 2012

Secrets of the Heart by Syd Parker

Pilot Chase Berkley, has been best friends with Avery Carson since they were young children.

When Chase loses her job after having split up with her boyfriend, she decides now is the time to visit Avery in Maine and to see Serendipity, the bed and breakfast she has invested some of her money in to.

Unfortunately, before Chase can get to Maine, she receives a phone call from Avery’s mom, Barb, Avery is dead, she’s been killed in a car accident. With a heavy heart, Chase sets out to Maine to join Avery’s parents, Barb and Joe for her funeral.

It’s not until the funeral is taking place, that Chase learns she didn’t know Avery as well as she thought she did. Avery was gay and her business associate Tess, the woman helping her to run Serendipity, was actually her lover and life partner. Chase is understandably hurt that Avery hadn’t confided her. Then Barb drops another bombshell on Chase. Avery had been keeping another secret from her. How will Chase react when Avery’s secret is revealed?

Chase decides to stay on in Maine and help Tess to run Serendipity. After a rocky beginning, the two women become firm friends.

At the reading of Avery’s will, Chase meets lawyer Jude Stafford, she is immediately captivated by her. How can this be? Chase is straight, isn’t she?

Jude is a womanizer, she rarely sees the same woman twice. When Jude meets Chase, she feels a strong pull of attraction for her. Will Jude allow herself to change her self imposed rules of never getting involved? Will Jude allow herself to pursue happiness with Chase? As it stands right now, the answer is no.

Chase has put her heart out there for Jude to take. Will Jude remain stubborn and steadfast? Can Chase and Jude even be friends when they both feel so much more for each other?

Chase and Jude spend a lot of time playing a cat and mouse game, with Chase chasing Jude and Jude running away. What will happen if Chase stops chasing? Will Jude stop running long enough to see what they could have together? The situation comes to a head after a terrible accident. What has happened? Who has been hurt?

Wow, this book is a real page turner from start to finish. The beginning of the book started out very sad. But as the story progressed it lightened up a lot and became humorous. Especially after Chase met bad girl Jude. At first I disliked Jude’s character. But I think we are meant to. It’s not until I read Jude’s personal story that I warmed towards her and began to like her a lot. I couldn’t help hoping that Chase and Jude would end up together.

Each of the supporting characters played their parts throughout the story and interacted well with the two main characters. All enhanced the book in their own ways.

The plot was well thought out and the story well written. A typical ‘feel good at the end romance’. Which is what I like. So, if you want a good read with a happy ever after ending, give this book a try. Excellent for curling up with on a cold winter evening, or taking to the beach for that matter.

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