Thursday, 5 January 2012

Threaded Through Time Book Two By Sarah Ettritch

Margaret Wilton is devastated. She is about to lose the love of her life, Robin Tillman forever. It is time for Robin and her friend Pam to return from 1910 to 2010.

Margaret just can’t sit around playing cards with her parents any longer. She excuses herself. On leaving the room, Margaret sees the front door open. Pam, Robin and Jason enter the house. The four friends go into the dining room for the last time. The rhyme is now going to be recited. Pam and Robin will soon be back in 2010, or will they? What happened next?

Margaret began to feel unwell and it slowly dawned on her that she was alone and had travelled in time to 2010. What had gone wrong? Where was Robin, Pam and Jason? It was only supposed to be Robin and Pam returning to their lives in 2010. She was supposed to stay in 1910 with Jason.

Margaret heard noises and soon became aware that Robin had returned to 2010 with her. How could this be, where was Pam and Jason? How did the two couples end up with one from each couple being in the wrong century?

How will Margaret be able to live in 2010? How will she be able to support herself? Will Robin marry her? How will Margaret and Robin explain Margaret’s appearance and Pam’s disappearance?

Margaret will have a lot to get used to. 2010 is a lot different to 1910. Will she be able to cope? Or will she want to recite the rhyme to return to her life in 1910?

Pam was very happy, she was with Jason in 1910, the man she loves and hopes to marry. It would take some getting used to, but she can do with out the technology she was used to in 2010. They just have to find a way for her to assume Margaret’s identity. How will Pam and Jason work out things so they can spend their lives together? Will Pam have any regrets? Will she recite the rhyme to return to 2010?

This is a sequel to Threaded Through Time Book one. It carries on directly from where the first book left off. You will need to read number one first for the story to make sense.

This book is a page turner from start to finish and alternates between 2010 with Margaret and Robin and 1910 with Pam and Jason. As with the first book, the story weaves threads between the past and the present. We see the difficulties faced by Pam, who is used to all the trappings of modern twenty first century society, as well as being used to women being their own bosses, adapt to the way of life for women in 1910.

Margaret has her own difficulties. She is from an era of having next to no modern technology. She is used to women being virtually second class citizens. She has a lot to learn to be able to cope with simple every day life. We read of her struggles to get used to modern day life.

Sarah has obviously researched the time period of 1910 very well.

The stories of these four time travellers have kept me enthralled. I love all four main characters. They are joined by some equally important characters to help the story along. It was interesting to see how Pam managed to bring a bit of the twenty first century into the twentieth century with her advice and encouragement to a woman she meets, changing the life of the woman forever.

I’m not sure if there is another book in this series planned, there is certainly an opening for one though. So, I’ll hope we see more in the series. I will definitely be re-reading these two books soon.

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