Monday, 9 January 2012

All This and Family Too by Sarah Glenn

Astronomy Professor Cynthia Leach is a vampire. She has to move from her home in North Carolina to evade vampire hunters. While she is driving to California to join her family, she encounters a young girl, Josie, being attacked. Cynthia rescues Josie and takes her with her. Josie learns along the way that Cynthia is a vampire, so the family offer her a good home to keep her quiet. It’s safer for Cynthia that way too.

When Cynthia begins work at the university, she has problems trying to adjust her working hours to do only night classes. This is only the beginning of her problems though. Some residents of the gated community that her grandmother has made a home for them all in, are looking for any excuse to get them out for no apparent reasons. Cynthia is also having problems finding people to feed from. But to top it all, the vampire hunters have caught up with her. Will Cynthia be able to stay one step ahead and avoid permanent death?

A Modern day vampire story with all the excitement you would want and expect. The story of the vampire Cynthia and her dysfunctional family. The thrill of the chase between the hunters and the hunted and how a vampire juggles between life and unlife. Told with a great deal of humor, with romance thrown in for good measure. Neatly sewn up at the end but leaving an option for a sequel. Well, I can hope.


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