Monday, 9 January 2012

Rainey Nights by R.E Bradshaw

Ex FBI Agent, Rainey Bell, is settled into her new life with her lover, Katie Meyers. Unfortunately the idyllic life Rainey and Katie have been leading is about to come to an abrupt end. Rainey’s past is catching up with her, now it will affect Katie too.

Four years previously, FBI Agent, Rainey Bell and her team from the BAU, (behavioral analysis unit) had been called in to investigate a series of murders occurring along US highway 220. Rainey and her FBI partner Danny along with the rest of the team eventually get a break and solve the murders. The perpetrator is put behind bars.

Rainey and Danny over the next year or so have interviewed the murderer to try and get more information from him. But unfortunately without success. The murderer just threatens Rainey and taunts her.

So, how is it after four years, more murders are being committed? Is it a copy cat? Is the murderer passing out information from his jail cell?

Rainey and Katie’s lives are in danger. Not only from Rainey’s past either. Rainey’s job is dangerous, she could be shot at any time by one of the criminals she arranges bail for.

It’s not long before Rainey and Katie begin to argue, putting their fledgling relationship in jeopardy. Katie wants a family and a safe life. She isn’t going to get either staying with Rainey.

Will Rainey and Katie split up or will their love be strong enough to overcome the odds? Will they escape the clutches of a killer unscathed?

A truly well written excellent story. If you loved Rainey Days, you will adore Rainey Nights. I could not put this fast paced page turner down until I’d found out who the murderer was. The story just seamlessly flows. The plot is superb with lots of mystery, suspense and intrigue to keep the reader on the edge of the seat throughout, but with a light touch of humor too. The balance of the plot is just right, just enough is given away to keep the reader on the boil without giving away who the baddie is.

Rainey and Katie the two main characters are made for each other. There is a strong supporting cast of characters to ensure the plot progresses. Characters like Mackie and Ernie are lovable, some are just so vile you hate them. This is great as RE Bradshaw has got the writing just right to ensure the reader feels all these things.

I am looking forward to reading more, much more from RE Bradshaw and soon.


  1. Great Review. If you missed it at the time you might want to check the author's Christmas blog for a short story about Rainey and Katie.

    1. Thanks Mary Anne. I love all of Decky's books.