Sunday, 15 January 2012

Doublecrossed by Susan X Meagher

Callie Emerson has been in a rather one sided open relationship for the past eighteen months. The rules of the relationship were made to suit both parties. But mainly because Callie’s lover, Marina, wanted to be free to see other women. Then Marina broke their rules.

Regina Manning and her lover, Angela, have been in a monogamous relationship. That is until Regina found out that Angela had been cheating on her for the past eighteen months with Callie’s lover, Marina.

Angela and Marina’s affair was instrumental to Callie and Regina meeting. Before long, the two women became firm friends. As time passed, both Callie and Regina began to realize they wanted more than just friendship. But unfortunately, their pasts kept coming back to haunt them.

Will Callie and Regan be able to put the past behind them? Will they allow themselves the happiness they both deserve?

This is an excellent, well written story. Although I didn’t particularly like Regan’s character. I know she had been wronged by her ex lover, but she treated Callie in such a judgemental way, I felt that I wanted to slap her. It wasn’t until the story progressed that I could understand more of Regan’s reactions and the reasons why she behaved towards Callie as she did. It still didn’t endear me to her though. I thought Callie deserved much better.

As I read on, I became aware that Callie was no where near as affected by the break up of her relationship with Marina as I’d first thought. Which came as rather a surprise. I think this probably made it easier for her to want to move on than Regan.

I enjoyed the book and it had me turning the pages late into the night to find out how the story ended. I will re-read this at a later date as I feel I may get more out of it with a second read.

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