Monday, 9 January 2012

Emily's Art and Soul

Emily Sanders life is changing drastically. She has not long divorced and moved from Rochester to Syracuse. Her mother has not long passed away. Her father is drinking too much and can’t cope with his own life, let alone the life of his Downs daughter, Mindy. So Emily steps in and with her father’s agreement has her sister Mindy to come and live with her. Emily has a new job teaching art at Freemont High School. It’s at the school, that Emily meets math teacher Andi Marino. They become fast friends right away. Andi informs Emily that she is a lesbian so there can be no misunderstandings. It’s not long after this that Emily begins to question her own sexuality. On a weekend visit home to see her father, Emily meets Sarah and suddenly everything clicks smoothly into place. It feels so right to Emily to be kissing another woman. When Emily returns to Syracuse, she tells Andi all about her weekend away and Sarah. Andi is devastated by her news as she’s more than liked Emily since they first met. But being the good friend that she is smiles and wishes Emily luck. When Emily and Sarah don’t work out, Emily and Andi play a cat and mouse game around each other for quite sometime. Andi knows she wants Emily. But will Emily ever realize that the person she wants is right there? Will Emily realize the love she could have with Andi? Or will Emily continue searching for a love she won’t find with anyone other than Andi?

This book is wonderfully written. It’s all about making and adapting to changes in your life. The two main characters, Emily and Andi are simply made for each other. I was really hoping they would get together from the outset. Emily’s sister, Mindy played a big part in the book too and was so lovable, that she added a warmth all of her own to the story. I was in tune with this book from the very first page through to the last page. I really didn’t want this book to end. It’s a definite re-read. I look forward to more from Joy soon.

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