Monday, 9 January 2012

Women Gone Wylde by Beth Wylde

An Erotic Short Story Collection, including two novellas.

Necessary Roughness – A wife’s reluctance to play BDSM games and how she overcomes it.

Saddle Up – Hot rodeo lesbian cowboi frolics.

In My Skin – A red hot encounter in a tattoo parlour when a scared partner has a sexy tattoo experience.

The Real Thing – A hot meeting between two women after months of internet dating games.

Love On The Line – Two lovers missing each other after weeks apart play phone sex games.

Aim To Please – Fun and games in an adult video and toy store.

Worth The Wait – A hot bartender and one of her admirers finally get together for a red hot encounter.

Switching Sides A Novella
A young college girl gets her first taste of Sapphic love and can’t get enough.

Better With Age A Novella
Two mature women meet again twenty years after their hot teenage love affair.

The stories in this book are vastly varied in content. They do however have one thing in common. They are extremely well written and they are hot, smoking hot.

I have to confess, that I haven’t read a lot of erotica. But of the few books I have read, I have enjoyed this one the best. Why? Because the stories are written realistically and tastefully, rather than just as sex for sex sake. I could actually picture these scenarios happening somewhere. Each and every story was enjoyable. Which for me is a real plus. Although this is the first Beth Wylde book I’ve read, it will not be the last. She has gained another fan.

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