Friday, 20 January 2012

Looking For Julie by Jackie Calhoun

When university student Sam Thompson returned to see her shrink, Dr Julie Decker after a prolonged absence, she was informed she had moved away. On the way back from her office, Sam and her best friends, Jamie and Nita, were involved in an altercation with a truck driver, which unknown to them at the time, was going to have far reaching consequences. Sam’s problems all seem to arise because she has a crush on her roommate Nita Perez.

When Sam meets Karen McGregor at the university, the two girls begin an affair. But will this take Sam’s mind off of her crush on Nita?

Sam and her friend Jamie are being terrorized by the unknown truck driver. Jamie enlists the help of his Aunt Edie. When Edie comes to Madison to help Jamie and Sam, she also takes the opportunity to see Claire, a woman she is having an affair with.

Added into the mix, Edie is a skier and she skis with a woman called Jennifer. Jennifer seems to ‘like’ Edie. Woven into the story is the hunt for the elusive Julie.

This book hopped from one set of characters and their stories to to the next so much that I found it hard to keep up with it. The story is intense and once I sorted out who belonged where, I quite enjoyed it. Unfortunately I found the ending rather rushed. I love Jackie Calhoun’s books, but in my opinion, this is not one of her best.

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