Friday, 20 January 2012

Love At Last by Kate Sweeney

49 year old Alana (Allie) Sanders’ life was at a crossroads. Her children were grown up and had left home. Allie had put her artistic career on hold when she married and devoted herself to her family and her home.

Allie and her husband Paul, had grown further and further apart over the years and the situation got worse after their children left home. Paul was a workaholic and Allie had time on her hands to think about her past and what she wants in her future.

When Allie meets out lesbian Toni O’Hara, a fifty year old Chicago fire inspector, she feels an immediate attraction and begins to question if the life she is leading is the life she should be leading.

Toni makes Allie happy, makes her laugh and becomes a good friend. She helps Allie through the trauma of realizing her marriage has failed.

Paul meanwhile, has been hiding a secret from Allie for years, which had Allie known at the time may have shaped her life differently. When Paul reveals all, will it alter the way Allie maps out her future? Will Allie find the courage to go for what she wants? Will Allie be able to experience true love at last?

As always with Kate’s books, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on my copy. This book was well worth the wait. A standalone romance, extremely well written with the usual laugh out loud Kate humor for good measure.

Both Allie and Kate are lovely characters, each striving for true love. They interact well together and there is a nice cast of supporting characters that fit right into place and add to the richness of the story.

We follow Allie through her realization that she may be a lesbian, how this will impact on her family, how she copes and how she finally comes out to her family. We also follow Toni through her anguish of what she is sure is going to be unrequited love for Allie.

This is not just a run of the mill romance, the story is one that will stay with me a long while and will be a definite re-read. Oh, just as an added bonus there are some really hot scene’s in it too. Kate really has excelled herself. But then I say that about all of Kate’s books.

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