Tuesday, 10 January 2012

78 Keys by Kristin Marra

Devorah Rosten, (Dev) received a present of a pack of tarot cards for her Bat Mitzvah. She put them away and forgot all about them. Many years later Dev finds the tarot cards and discovers she has a talent for reading them. Not only does Dev read the cards, but she finds she has an extraordinary way of reorganizing the futures of her clients. Clients that pay her a small fortune for her expertise and anonymity. Dev eventually gives up her teaching job to pursue her new found career.

Dev’s talents however, go far beyond the norm. She is sought after by unworldly powers, she becomes a chosen hero.

Laura Bishop is an up and coming young attorney. She has a love affair with one of her law firms partners, Elizabeth Stratton. The affair lasts for several years, Laura is in love. Elizabeth however has high ambitions. She ends their affair and marries. Hurting Laura badly in the process. But a while later, Elizabeth seeks Laura’s help in a delicate matter. Laura ends up holding vital evidence that could bring Elizabeth and her husband’s plans crashing down around them. What will Elizabeth do when she discovers Laura has something on her?

Dev seeks Laura out and offers her help after one of her sessions with her unworldly advisers. Laura has already been attacked. It’s not long before both Dev and Laura find themselves fighting for their lives against an unseen enemy. Will they both survive unscathed?

Dev and Laura also find themselves becoming more attracted to each other as the days go by. But before they can pursue their desires, Dev must first use her knowledge and skill to save Laura and herself from the force called The Malignity. Will she be successful?

78 Keys is a book like no other I’ve read. It is unique and refreshingly different. The book is well written with a subtle touch of humor throughout. The story is exciting, intense and hot in parts. A page turner.

Both main characters are not only likeable, but loveable. Dev is kind hearted and a little whacky. Laura is gentle and vulnerable. The supporting characters seamlessly tie the whole story together to a terrific finale. Another for my re-read shelf.

I eagerly look forward to Kristin’s next book.

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