Friday, 27 January 2012

After The Night by Rachel Dax

Set In Berkshire, England in the 1960's

Chief Officer Jean MacFarlane works at Deepdown Women’s Prison. She is loved by the prisoners and most of the staff for her fairness and compassion. But Jean is hiding heartbreak. She has loved and lost her one true love.

Leah Webster has just joined the staff as a nurse in the prison hospital. Jean MacFarlane is the person that has to show her around. Within days, of Leah beginning her new job, all hell breaks loose. Jean and Leah find themselves involved in the near death by beating of a young prisoner, Amy Hodgkins, the murder of a much loved elderly prisoner and the homophobic beatings of other prisoners. To top everything, Leah begins to find herself falling in love with Jean. How can this be? Leah is straight and engaged to be married. In a panic Leah does something that will have an outcome on the rest of her life. But before the consequences of her actions become apparent, Leah finds herself more in love with Jean than with anyone else she has ever known. She doesn’t even know if Jean is a lesbian or even if she feels the same. Will Leah allow societies prejudices to stop her from finding out?

A thoroughly enjoyable fast paced read that kept me up most of the night. I simply could not stop turning the pages. The author covered some sensitive topics with sympathy and understanding. I loved the characters too. I had never heard of Rachel Dax until a friend recommended her book. I hope to read more from her soon.