Monday, 9 January 2012

Desert Heat by Dannie Marsden

Book One

Learning To Live Again Series

DEA Agent, Lucinda Velaquez lost her lover Yvette, due to her inconsiderate behavior following a road traffic accident in which a child was killed. Yvette tried and tried to get Luce to open up to her until she couldn’t take anymore and left. Luce’s life was on a downward spiral, filled with alcohol and mindless sex. Her best friend, Joe Alverez, tried his best to get Luce back on track to no avail. She continued to turn up for work reeking of alcohol and sex until her boss placed her on desk duty and she got the help she needed to get her life and her career back on track.

After a while when Luce was feeling somewhat more in control, she was hand picked for an undercover job. Luce and other Agents were to gather intelligence on drug boss and gun dealer, Donavan Vargos. Whilst undercover, Luce becomes romantically involved with Beth, Donavan’s beautiful blonde girlfriend. The liaison between them could mean death for them both and put the whole undercover operation in jeopardy. Will the already suspicious Donavan find out?

When one of the undercover Agents is shot dead on Donavan’s orders, it becomes apparent that he is not the only Agent in Donavan’s organization. Will Luce be exposed next?

Meanwhile, back at the DEA and ATF, SAC Jessie Sullivan becomes aware they have a rogue agent who could expose Luce at anytime. Will she find out who the Agent is in time to save Luce from discovery?

This is a nice fast paced debut book in the start to a new series. Although I found the book to be a bit on the short side, the price reflects on this. I liked the characters and found myself not wanting to put the book down to find out how it ended. The book did conclude and an opening has been left for the next in the series. It will be interesting to see where Dannie will go next with the characters in book number two. I hope it won’t be too long in appearing.

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