Friday, 20 January 2012

Unchained Memories by Karen D Badger

Cat O’Grady and Billie Charland are leading an idyllic life with their three children. Until the past rears it’s ugly head.

Cat receives an anonymous envelope in the mail. When she opens it, there are photo’s of Billie in a compromising situation. The catalogue of events that evolves from the moment the envelope is opened, could change Cat and Billie’s lives forever.

When Cat confronts Billie with the photo’s, Billie reacts in a way Cat never thought possible. Billie continues acting out of character, she’s also suffering from headaches and blackouts. Cat asks Billie to let her doctor father run some tests. The results of the tests are shocking. Cat has to make a decision that could result in tragic consequences or at the very least, ruin their entire lives.

Will Billie see that Cat had no choice? Or will Billie leave and take her biological son with her? Will Cat and Billie’s love survive this latest trauma in their lives? Will the suffering ever end for them?

Although this is the second book in the series, there is enough information to make this a standalone book. However, I would strongly advise you read the first in the series, which is In A Family Way. You will be missing out on a truly excellent book if you don’t.

I love Karen’s writing. The characters are heartfelt and warm. Cat and Billie are people I would love to have as my friends. They are made for each other, they are true soul mates.

There is a great cast of supporting characters, all adding to the story in their own rights and adding to the enjoyment of the book.

Although this book has a serious theme, there is also a great deal of humor too, which takes the edge off the angst and makes it a more comfortable read. A hard hitting story of family life, the difficulties of illness and how love can win through against all odds.

The third book in this series can’t be published quick enough. These books will always have a place on my shelves.

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