Saturday, 7 January 2012

New Beginnings by JM Dragon and Erin O'Reilly

This is a book that is split up into two parts. It tells the story of the lives of two sisters that had never met each other and were not aware of each others existence. The first born sister was abandoned by her mother and father when she was six weeks old and left with an uncle. The younger sister grew up in a household where her mother was cold and distant towards her.

The story begins with Lauren Walker, the second born sister. Lauren is a doctor involved in research. Her life isn’t as satisfying as she would like it to be. She is missing the one thing she needs, love.

Lauren takes a vacation at her cabin in the woods near the river, to think about how to change her life. It is here that she meets Maggie Sullivan, after Maggie has an accident canoeing.

Maggie Sullivan works for a company that develops small towns into larger, busier towns, losing all the towns rustic charms in the process.

When Lauren and Maggie first meet, there is an immediate mutual attraction between the two of them.

What will happen when Lauren discovers that Maggie’s company may change the small town she loves forever?

There is yet another development when Lauren discovers her mother has been hiding a secret from her all her life, she has a sister. The secret Victoria Walker has hidden all these years has far reaching consequences for all concerned.

Victoria now wants to meet the daughter she abandoned. But will Lauren’s sister want to know?

Harriet Aristides, (Harry) is fully aware of the circumstances surrounding her abandonment. Harry grew up with her namesake, her Uncle Harry. Harry is a successful business woman and is head of a pharmaceutical company. Harry lives and breathes only for her work after losing her partner Abby and their unborn child in a tragic car accident.

Harry unexpectedly finds herself going on a field trip with her team of scientists. Amongst them is Nicky Ralston. Harry finds Nicky attractive and the feeling is reciprocated. Unfortunately, Harry can’t let go of Abby, so she can’t move on.

Nicky, herself, is concealing a big secret. One which will have to be revealed before they reach their destination. A secret, which when discovered may well pull the two women apart forever.

I really enjoyed this book, in fact it wasn’t long enough for me. I didn’t want either of the two stories to end when they did.

Both stories moved along at a fast pace.

The two main characters in the first story, Lauren and Maggie, got together really quickly. They each knew what they wanted and set out to get it. There was a great cast of supporting characters that were each in their own way crucial to the story. The storyline was intriguing. There was a lot packed into this story, which I had to keep up with because it is obvious it has an affect on the second story.

The second part of this book flowed seamlessly along. As in the first story, I loved the two main characters, Harry and Nicky. There is also a strong supporting cast of characters, each in their own way, progressing the story.

Both stories, although concluded, have left some really nice openings for a sequel. All four main characters have a lot more to tell. I’m really hoping J.M Dragon and Erin O’Reilly have a sequel planned.

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