Thursday, 26 January 2012

Beautiful Game by Kate Christie

It’s 1991 and Camille Wallace, (Cam) is a soccer player on a scholarship at San Diego University. Life is good for Cam and her future looks bright. She is doing well, has lots of gay friends and a best friend, Holly, that she hangs out with when Holly isn’t with her girlfriend Becca.

When Cam meets star tennis player, Jess Maxwell, she doesn’t see anything beyond the possibility of friendship and that’s only ‘maybe’. Over the course of time, Cam and Jess do become friends and Cam begins to fall in love with Jess, but doesn’t think she stands a chance and keeps her feelings to herself. Cam is all too aware that Jess can be withdrawn and seemingly stand offish, but she has no idea that Jess is holding in a terrible secret. A secret that could completely destroy her life and everything she’s worked for.

Meanwhile Cam and Jess go on being just good friends, concentrating on their respective soccer and tennis and studying together. With Cam still hankering after the seemingly untouchable Jess.

Their comfortable friendly existence takes a turn for the worse when Jess thinks that Cam is dating someone. Why is Jess so bothered about Cam dating someone? Will Jess listen to Cam’s side of the story? Will Jess finally confide in Cam and tell her secret? What will happen to their friendship, let alone any chance of a relationship? Will Jess be able to come to terms with the past and let go of it to have a future?

Another winning title from Kate. A page turner from the very beginning. I loved the two main characters and there is some really lovely supporting characters that add to the story too. Although this book title is Beautiful Game and gives the impression it is all about soccer, it is not. The story revolves around soccer and tennis, but there is so much more to it. Much more than a romance too. The character of Jess and the secret she is hiding has been written about with sensitivity and understanding in a totally acceptable and believable way. I have to admit, I’m not ‘into’ sports, but I loved this book as the sports aspect is not overwhelming. Plus I could understand and relate to the descriptions of the games. So, don’t let that put anyone off. There is plenty for sports fans too. A happy medium. Now, I have to ask, how long do I have to wait for your next book Kate?


  1. Thanks for the lovely review, and for the encouragement, Terry! The next one is coming soon...


    1. Thats' brilliant news Kate. I really love your writing. I hope you and your family are all keeping well. Bet Alexandra is up and running around everywhere now. LOL