Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Callie's Dilemma by Vicki Stevenson

Closeted queen of straight romance, Callie Delaney is attending a convention for authors and fans of chick lit. While Callie is there she meets fitness instructor Dale Kirby. Callie immediately begins to feel an attraction towards Dale. But Callie’s contract forbids her to be in an open lesbian relationship. It will mean the end of her successful mainstream writing career.

Callie is unfortunate to witness what could have been a murderer making preparations to eliminate a person in one of the other conventions in the hotel. Although Callie is unaware of the significance of what she walked in to at the time. The killer however is fully aware that Callie has witnessed his actions and he goes after her to eliminate her.

Dale’s extended family of gay friends all rally round to help solve the mystery of why Callie is being stalked and to keep her safe from harm.

Meanwhile the attraction between Callie and Dale grows stronger each day. Will they give in to their feelings? Will Callie give up her career for the chance of love with Dale?

I really enjoyed this book. It is a well written combination of mystery and romance, a page turner, that me hooked in from the first page and held me through to the last. I love the way Callie and Dale interact. There are some much loved characters from the ‘Family’ series making an appearance too. But this book is a standalone story and it is not at all necessary to read the family series first. However, I would highly recommend them, purely for enjoyment, I loved the whole series.

All in all, this is a nice read, a book that I was sorry to come to the end of. I hope to see more from Vicki in the very near future.

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