Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The Best Defense by Carsen Taite

Ex homicide detective, Skye Keaton’s life has taken a spiral downwards. Since her forced resignation, she’s just drinking and womanizing her life away. Her father finds her a two bit job in a security company. Skye is really at rock bottom. Then an old friend of hers, ex cop, now attorney, Parker Casey, comes to her rescue. Parker and her law partner wife, Morgan Bradley, need a private investigator and Skye fits the bill.

Aimee Howard, real estate broker has had her home and office turned over by a team of Federal Agents looking for her niece Nicki. She hires Parker and Morgan to find out why Nicki is a wanted person.

When Aimee and Skye meet, Aimee is not happy to find out that she will be the PI on the investigation. Aimee decides that she will have to help the case along and joins a very reluctant Skye in Austin.

Aimee is very attracted to Skye and has been since she first saw her in a bar weeks before and tries her best to get Skye to notice her in a romantic way. Skye however, wants to keep their association on a professional level. Although she more than likes Aimee, she is all too aware that their lifestyles are very different.

Will Skye allow herself to see that she is worthy of Aimee? Will Aimee have to forgo her lavish lifestyle to get to know Skye? Why are the Feds looking for Nicki? Will Skye and Aimee find Nicki before the Feds do? These and many more questions are answered in this brilliant crime story.

This is another crime busting winner from Carsen. This book is an absolute page turner from start to finish. Some of the characters have appeared in Carsen’s previous books, which is a plus to have familiar loved characters. But the story is totally complete and stand alone.

It would be really great to see these characters as part of a crime series. Hello Carsen...........PLEASE.

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