Friday, 20 January 2012

Firestorm by Radclyffe

Mallory James, (Ice) is a firefighter/paramedic in charge of a unit of smokejumpers. Their job entails parachuting into remote forest areas and to deal with raging fires in any way they can. They all live and work together as a team. Mallory is the boss and has a small group of rookies to train for the next four weeks. Mallory thinks she has everything in hand until she sees a new name added to her list of rookies.

Jac Russo, hotshot and with an unsavory ‘reputation’ has been included into the smokejumpers training course at the last minute due to her Senator father’s intervention. She does have the qualifications to do the job, but will she be given the chance to prove herself?

Mallory and Jac get off to a really bad beginning. But it’s not long until the sparks between them begin to fly, sparks that have nothing to do with firefighting.

Will Ice melt into Jac’s embrace? Or will she fight the raging fire within herself? Will Jac be able to prove she is worthy of a relationship with Mallory? Both women have reasons not to pursue a relationship, but will they listen to their hearts?

Although I enjoyed this book, I can’t help feeling that the story didn’t match up to the title. I was expecting this first responders book to be primarily about the job of the smokejumpers, plus the usual romance, of course. I was a bit disappointed that the situation involving Jac and her father was not resolved, I felt it would have added to the story too. Radclyffe usually ties up any loose ends. None the less, the story was good and the scenery settings were great. A worthwhile read.

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