Thursday, 26 January 2012

L As In Love Book One by Ruth Gogoll

This book is set in Cologne, Germany and it is a story of a group of friends that rendezvous from time to time at the Sappho Cafe.

The first book in this series focuses on the lives of a married couple, Sabrina and Chris.

Sabrina and Chris have been together for several years. They have spoken about having a baby together. Unfortunately, Chris is a workaholic. She is obsessed with making money so much so that she neglects Sabrina and their love life suffers.

When Chris decides to go away to Norway for a minimum of six weeks, possibly more to earn even more money, it is the final straw for Sabrina. Will it be the end of their relationship?

Sabrina and Chris are surrounded by their diverse group of friends. Friends who get together from time to time in the Sappho Cafe for drinks, coffee or dancing.

Marlene is sex mad and treats her women with contempt. Her latest conquest is shy and timid Anita. How long will Anita put up with Marlene’s chauvinistic ways?

There is Rick and her best friend Carolin. They’ve known each other since school. Rick is in love with Melly, who runs the Sappho Cafe. Her love is unrequited. Rick meanwhile dates Thea. But her heart isn’t in it. Will Melly change her mind and date Rick? Will Rick throw herself into the relationship with Thea?

Carolin is in a long distance relationship with Ina. She wants more though. Will Ina move to be with her?

Rebekka, a woman Carolin met by chance, appears to more than like Carolin. But Carolin is with Ina. Will Carolin allow anything to happen between her and Rebekka?

The writer Anna has designs on Sabrina, knowing full well she’s married to Chris. Will Sabrina succumb to Anna’s charms?

There are a lot of different characters in this book, but because they are gradually introduced it was easy to keep up with who is who.

The story tells of the lives and loves of a group of friends from all walks of life. But you can’t just stop at reading book one. Book two is a must and it follows directly on from book one. I feel that it is a good idea to purchase them both together and read them consecutively.

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