Saturday, 7 January 2012

Love's Abiding Spirit by Syd Parker

Thirty six year old songwriter Soren Lockhart has been on a downward spiral since her wife walked out on her two years previously taking their daughter Olivia with her. Soren’s ex, Victoria had decided she wanted Olivia to grow up in a ‘straight’ environment and that Soren would not be allowed to have any contact with Olivia at all.

When Soren’s agent offered her a vacation at her home in Savannah, Soren decided while she was there, that she would buy a run down Victorian house and move out there permanently. So, she moved to Savannah in a last ditch attempt to heal the pain and suffering she was still going through.

Soren’s best friends, Jordan, her partner Ali and Brett and his wife Lauren are upset by Soren’s decision, but they know she has to do something to heal the pain and to get her life back on track again.

Contractor Merritt Tanner, is hired by Soren to restore her house to it’s former glory. Merritt is in an unhappy relationship. Unhappy with her partner Kate, due to Kate’s affair, Merritt blames herself and can’t bring herself to end their relationship, even though Kate drinks far too much. Directly she meets Soren, she feels an attraction towards her. But Merritt must put her feelings aside. She isn’t a free woman. Unknown to Merritt though, Soren is having similar feelings.

While Soren is exploring her house, she finds a journal that had belonged to one of the previous occupants. Soren decides to find out more about the author of the journal. The more Soren reads, the more convinced she becomes that the mysterious author of the journal, Samantha, is still around.

As time passes, Soren and Merritt are really feeling the pull of attraction. Merritt knows she must do something about her ‘dead in the water relationship’. But even if she does, she still can’t pursue anything with Soren. She can’t risk hurting her. What will happen? Will Soren pursue Merritt? Will Merritt sort out her relationship with Kate? Will Merritt leave Kate? Will Soren find out more about Samantha? Is Samantha still around? Or is Soren imagining her presence? Will there ever be a chance of love for Soren and Merritt? Or will Soren end up with another broken heart? After all, both Soren and Merritt have to get over their pasts to be able have a future.

Another winner here for Syd Parker. I absolutely loved the book. Right from the first page through to the last. It’s like hovering above and watching the scene’s play out. There is a terrific cast of characters. I loved Gay, her sense of humor was phenomenal. The hint of the supernatural was great. Not out of place in the book at all. I thought the ‘is there/isn’t there’ way the supernatural part was written was tastefully done and not overbearing, in what started out as a normal romance. We are left to make our own conclusions.

The way Syd wrote the two romances in to this story, each one separated by time was excellent. All written with a touch of humor. If you love a nice romance, with a little extra, put this one on your list.

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