Saturday, 7 January 2012

Broken Shield by Isabella

Ex paramedic Tyler Jackson’s life is on a downward spiral. Since the untimely deaths of her cop wife Jill whilst on duty, followed two weeks later by her mother in a car accident, nothing matters to her anymore. Not even her career change to fire fighter. She is hell bent on self destruction. She drives her car too fast, drives her motor cycle on a death wish, and goes into fires, taking risks where other fire fighters fear to tread. She screws and tosses aside any woman she can get her hands on and with her butch good looks, that’s plenty. Until she meets Ashley Henderson.

Ashley Henderson is a cop. She loves her job. But Ashley is hiding a dark secret which is about to devastate her life along with Tyler’s life too.

When Tyler and Ashley first meet, Tyler feels an attraction for her right away and asks her out. Tyler’s best friend and Ashley’s cop partner Kelly, has already warned Ashley that Tyler is a player. Ashley takes heed of her friends warning and turns Tyler down flat.

But the two women are thrown together by a near death experience for them both. From which they both have a long struggle to recover.

Will Tyler and Ashley be able to move on from their past lives to find the love they both so badly need, or will both their pasts come back to haunt them and get in the way of true love?

A well written, well told, engrossing and exciting story with a nice romance and some smoking hot romantic scenes to spice things up. Sizzling in fact.

There are some sensitive issues covered in this book, all written with sympathy and understanding. The emotions of both the main characters, Tyler and Ashley radiate off the page and I could feel their angst myself. It takes a very special piece of writing for me to feel choked up.

There are some great supporting characters too. Kelly, Tyler’s friend and Ashley’s work partner, plays a big part in the lives of both women. Tyler’s fire fighter friends add to the story and bring some light hearted humor into it.

From the first page, I knew I was going to really enjoy this book. How can you say that, I hear you ask? Just read the opening lines of the prologue and find out. After that, I just couldn’t put the book down until I’d turned the last page.

Another winner for the up and coming lesbian fiction author, Isabella.

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