Tuesday, 17 January 2012

L.A. Metro by RJ Nolan

Dr Kim Donovan’s life is in a real mess. After an incident at work brings her medical ethics in to question and she refuses to back down, her family and her lover, ER Chief Anna cast her aside. Kim decides that she has no choice but to totally change her life and secures a post at LA Metropolitan Hospital in California.

Standoffish Chief of the ER at LA Metro, Dr Jess McKenna is immediately attracted to Kim. But she can’t allow herself to act on her attraction. She is hiding too many secrets from her past. She is already the gossip of the hospital thanks to her ex lover, Myra.

Kim meanwhile is also attracted to Jess. Kim is carrying around her own baggage from her past though.

Jess and Kim decide they like each other too much not to be together, so they become firm friends. Will either woman be able to let go of their pasts to have the chance of becoming more than friends, a chance to have a future together? Or will the past forever keep them from happiness?

I love RJ’s books. This book is well written with a touch of humor and sympathy for the issues covered. As always with RJ’s books, I was into the story from the very first page. I love the characters, Jess and Kim. Two strong, efficient women at work, but extremely vulnerable when it comes to love and friendship. The cracks are so deep, they threaten to shatter each woman. Piece by small piece these cracks have to be repaired to allow each of them to move on. I hope there will be another RJ Nolan book out soon.

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