Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Sterling Road Blues by Ruth Perkinson

Special needs teacher, Carrie Tomlinson’s life is on a downward spiral. She is fast losing control. She is still grieving from the loss of her lover, is drinking far too much and hasn’t got much control over her pupils either.

Audra Malone is Carrie’s best friend. Always around to pick up the pieces when Carrie is hung over or getting dumped by one of her endless stream of women.

One day life at Sterling Road High School changes forever. The day when special needs student Elizabeth announces over the school loud speaker system that she wants to marry fellow special needs pupil Melissa.

The school is divided. Half of the school backs Elizabeth and Melissa, the other half is against such a union.

Audra tries her best to protect her vulnerable pupils from the fall out. But Carrie is busy trying to get her own life in order. That is until an event in her life changes her outlook forever.

A nicely written, humorous look at life in a high school. I couldn’t help loving Elizabeth and Melissa. Two students loving one another with an innocence that really puts life into perspective. I think this is Ruth’s best book yet.

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