Saturday, 7 January 2012

Just Tonight by Syd Parker

After the deaths of her son Josh and his wife Megan, forty five year old Adrienne Thomas suddenly finds herself the guardian of her two month old granddaughter, Emma. Pat, Adrienne’s partner of fifteen years, decides she can’t handle bringing up a baby, so she leaves Adrienne and Emma.

Adrienne makes the decision to take Emma and go back home to her mother and the town she grew up in. It’s here that she meets Dylan Montgomery.

Forty Five year old Dylan Montgomery is retired army and after a life changing event, is now working as a park ranger. Dylan has had an abusive childhood. She has spent her whole life running from her past. Dylan has vowed never to fall in love, if she doesn’t, she can’t get her heartbroken, right?

When Adrienne and Dylan meet, there is an obvious attraction between them. But they both play a cat and mouse game. That is until they are thrown together at a remote cabin for the night during a storm.

Will Adrienne and Dylan give into temptation? Or will one or both of them be too stubborn to take a chance on what might be?

This is the first Syd Parker book I’ve read. What an absolute delight. Although the format follows the typical lesbian romance layout, the story is gripping, well written and very hot. Sizzling in fact.

I love both Adrienne and Dylan. I was rooting for them from the very first moment they met. The rest of the characters each play their own parts in enhancing and furthering the story. There are twists and turns throughout, but then the path of true love rarely runs smoothly. It’s obvious to the reader that Adrienne and Dylan are soul mates. But both women are afraid to take a chance on love due to various happenings in both their pasts.

I loved the scenic descriptions, the whole book gave me the feeling of being there with the characters. A lovely feeling. I will certainly be looking to buy the rest of Syd’s books now.

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