Saturday, 7 January 2012

Redemption by Dejay

Architect Mackenzie Taylor, (Mac) has been grieving for her wife Isabella and daughter Bella for the past five years. Mac can’t move on and what’s more, she doesn’t even want to. She considers herself still married. Her vows were taken and she is determined she will honor them for all eternity and beyond. Mac blames herself for their deaths, she was at a business meeting when Isabella and Bella were taken from their home, tortured and murdered. Now Mac has thrown herself into her work and most importantly, into making Isabella’s dreams come true.

Mac also volunteers at the local women’s crisis center and runs team Bella, a baseball team for special needs children. All of Isabella’s ideas being put into practice.

Mac just existed from day to day and then she met Emily O’Brien. Emily is a widow and she’s straight. Emily is new in town and is opening a business, KK’s Book Emporium. Emily lives over the store with her two grandchildren, Kaitlin and Kylie. Emily’s daughter, Melanie had been killed by a drunk driver. Melanie’s partner, Renee wasn’t capable of looking after the children, she’s an alcoholic and a mean one at that.

When Mac and Emily meet, they become friends. Mac loves Kaitlin and Kylie. It isn’t long before Mac begins to feel more than she should for Emily too. What will happen? Emily is straight, right? Mac is still married to Isabella, right? How can she be falling for Emily? Will there be any chance of love?

Phew, my goodness, this book is a true page turner. There are lots of twists and turns. Please don’t let the fact that the theme of this book is domestic violence deter you from buying it. The way this story is told is with compassion, sympathy and understanding. It is obvious to me that the author has done a great deal of research into this subject.

The main character is Mac, a person so eaten up with grief for her wife and daughter, she is merely a walking shell.

Emily is grieving for her daughter and trying to stay strong for her grandchildren. Then there is Renee, although she’s a drunk, she is suffering too. In between all the heartache and anguish, the story has a lighter side when love shines through the darkness.

There are lots of other characters all playing their parts to perfection.

This is a debut book, much to my surprise. DeJay has started out with a strong well written and extremely powerful book. She chose a difficult subject to write about, one which may not be well received by all. But I urge you to give this book a try. I couldn’t put it down. I’m surprised my Kindle didn’t over heat. This is a definite re-read. It needs and deserves to be read again to fully appreciate the book. A book that may give someone the hope for redemption, the hope that they will be able to have a better love filled life. DeJay will be hard pressed to top this book. I eagerly await her next offering.

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