Friday, 13 January 2012

The Odd Couple by Q Kelly

Morrisey Hawthorne has a four year old son, Gareth. Everyone is told that Morrisey conceived Gareth using artificial insemination. But Morrisey is hiding a terrible secret that she is afraid to reveal, afraid that if she does, everyone will behave differently towards her and Gareth.

Charlene Sudsbury has lost her son, JP. He committed suicide three years earlier. Charlene’s life has been a mess since that dreadful day. She is barely keeping her life on track and is still grieving and trying to understand the reason why JP took his own life.

Morrisey and Charlene meet at the cemetery when Morrisey is visiting the grave of her recently deceased father with Gareth and Charlene is tending to JP’s grave. Charlene is shocked when she comes face to face with Gareth. He is the image of her son JP when he was a boy. Morrisey and Charlene chat together and Charlene shows Morrisey a photo of JP. From the way Morrisey is behaving, Charlene begins to think that Morrisey is hiding something. Which of course she is, but it’s not at all what Charlene imagines. When eventually Morrisey reveals all to Charlene, it causes her to question the past.

Morrisey and Charlene continue to forge ahead with their friendship, which eventually, against all odds, turns into a mutual attraction.

When an old friend of JP’s arrives on the scene, another spanner is thrown in to the works. Will Morrisey and Charlene be able to get past this latest shocking development? Or will the past forever force them apart?

This book is no run of the mill lesbian romance, far from it. It is a shocking story with ups and downs and twists and turns throughout. The two main characters, Morrisey and Charlene are each battling the trauma’s of the past. To move on, they are both going to have to confront and overcome their pasts.

In the middle of all this is Morrisey’s son, Gareth. The one constant in Morrisey’s life and eventually in Charlene’s life too.

Although the storyline is both serious and dreadful, the author has added a timely touch of humor throughout to make for a lighter read. All in all, a well written book, one that deserves to be re-read. It would be great to see Morrisey, Charlene and Gareth back in a future book. In my opinion, they have much more to offer.

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