Friday, 20 January 2012

The Other Mrs Champion by Brenda Adcock

Fifty five year old Sarah Champion has a really great life. Her wife Kelley is an extremely successful business woman and they’ve been together for twenty five years. Sarah’s life as she knows it is about to come to an untimely end when Kelley suffers a massive stroke while away on business.

Sarah, her two grown up children from her previous marriage and Kelley’s attorney set off for Vancouver to be with Kelley as she lays in hospital on life support. When Sarah arrives at Kelley’s room, she sees an attractive auburn haired woman leaning over her. To Sarah’s horror she is informed the woman is Kelley’s wife. Sarah’s horror turns to disbelief when she learns that Kelley’s attorney, the person she considered her friend, knew about Kelley’s other wife.

Sarah is devastated. She just cannot come to terms with the fact that Kelley is a bigamist. Where will that leave Sarah? How can Sarah find the answers to explain the reasons why Kelley had two wives? Will she find the answers she is looking for from Pauline Champion, the other Mrs. Champion? Will Sarah and Pauline ever be able to become friends? Will Sarah and Pauline ever get over the fact that they have both been betrayed by the woman they loved? Will they fight the attraction they both feel between them for each other, or will they cave in to it?

Like all the rest of Brenda’s books, I thoroughly enjoyed this story. It is certainly different and unusual. I found that I just could not put the book down, I had to know the outcome. The story left me feeling that good things can come from nasty situations. As always when I’ve finished a Brenda Adcock book, I eagerly await the next.

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