Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Harmony by Karis Walsh

Andrea (Andy) Taylor is the type of woman who wants a quiet and peaceful life. It doesn’t matter at what cost to her personal life though. She gives into her family, friends and even her lovers to have peace. She is almost obsessive in her need for order, everything must always be in it’s rightful place. That is until she meets Brooke Stanton and Brooke turns Andy’s well ordered life upside down.

Brooke has hired the string quartet that Andy plays in, to play at her wedding rehearsal dinner. The last thing Brooke expected was to feel an attraction for another woman, or was it?

Brooke’s mind is in a turmoil, what can she do? She is attracted to Andy. She can’t ignore her desires, but can she pursue them? Can she leave everything in her life behind to take a chance on love with Andy? Both Brooke and Andy have to make choices, what will they do?

This is a debut book, but most certainly doesn’t seem like it. The book is very well written, the characters are really well formed and presented and there is a terrific cast of supporting characters to further the story along and enhance it.

This is a tender romance and I couldn’t help but love the characters, so much so, that I wanted to give them a nudge at times to push them together.

I look forward to reading more from Karis. I can’t wait to see how she is going to top this book as it is excellent.

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