Monday, 9 January 2012

Smooth sailing by Susan X Meagher

Workaholic, Laurie Nielsen, is so stressed out, overworked and under pressure to meet the deadline for the opening of her companies’ new theme park in Japan, that she collapses from sheer exhaustion in her office.

Her boss, Fernando, sends her on a non negotiable, complete break, a vacation on one of the companies’ cruise liners.

After several run ins with the ships crew for trying to interfere and tell them how to do their jobs, Laurie finally backs off and settles down to take the well deserved rest her body so badly needs.

When Laurie leaves the ship at St Maarten to explore, she meets Kaatje Hoogaboom, an intriguing woman as different to Laurie as chalk is to cheese.

Kaatje owns a catamaran and takes tourists out sailing. Unlike Laurie who is totally obsessed with striving to reach almost impossible goals, Kaatje, takes each day as it comes and never worries about saving for the future.

After a rocky beginning, the two women find themselves becoming more and more attracted to each other, much to Laurie’s surprise, as she’d always thought of herself as straight.

What will happen when Laurie has to return home to her eighteen hour days at work? Will Laurie and Kaatje be able to carry on a long distance relationship? Will Laurie put Kaatje before her job? Will Kaatje be willing to compromise to accommodate Laurie’s job?

A lovely well written romance with some great scenery descriptions that crosses a few time zones. The book also addresses some of the problems facing two people of the same gender who want to be together. Gay marriage and the laws on immigration are touched upon. I love the two main characters, Laurie and Kaatje, along with the cast of supporting characters that all play a part to further the story.

Both Laurie and Kaatje have their own hopes, expectations and fears. Their own what ifs.......... For Laurie it is her job, what if I give up my job of a lifetime and the relationship fails. For Kaatje, it is what if I give my heart and Laurie can’t settle down, how will I survive it?

A nice comfortable romance to while away a cold winter evening.

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