Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Forbidden Passions by MJ Williamz

Corrine Staples works in a mans world, dresses the part and also loves women. When her best friend Della is having problems with her plantation records, Corrine travels to New Orleans from Baton Rouge to put her book keeping skills to use and help her out. On her arrival there, Corrine discovers that Della’s daughter Katie is no longer the little girl she used to carry around on her shoulders. She’s grown into a desirable nineteen year old beauty. Can Corrine do the right and honorable thing and ignore her growing passion for the young girl? Or will she give into the forbidden passion she feels? If Corrine gives into her lust, it could be the end of her friendship with Della.

Katie Prentiss is a feisty young woman. Well used to having her own way. She is determined to have her way with the delectable older Corrine. Katie has out grown the loveless sex she has been having with her maid servant. She is ready for more. She is ready for love. Katie tries every trick she knows to seduce Corrine, will she succeed?

A most enjoyable bodice ripper set on a plantation in New Orleans before the civil war. Although the book is erotica, the story is well written and the balance of story and erotica is, in my opinion, just right. The story deals tastefully with quite a few different issues. A May/December romance, illness and grief. I thought both Corrine and Katie’s characters were great. I couldn’t help myself hoping they would eventually get together. A great book to curl up with on a cold winter evening.

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