Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Waiting In The Wings by Melissa Brayden

All Jenna McGovern has ever wanted to be is an actress. Her whole life has been centred around training to go on the stage. She gets her big break right after she graduates. She auditions for a part in Clean Slate, a stage show that is currently touring the country. When Jenna discovers her long time idol, Adrienne Kenyon is playing the lead role, she is beyond elated.

Jenna is soon up on stage, acting really well and is a popular member of the cast. Most importantly though, the audience love her.

Jenna and Adrienne find they get on very well together both on and off stage. It’s not long before Jenna and Adrienne begin a romantic relationship. This works out fine all the time they are acting together in the same show. But what will happen when the show ends? Will Jenna give up on her dream of an acting career to pursue a relationship with Adrienne? Or will she put her career first before happiness?

This is a terrific debut book from Melissa. A great story which goes far beyond the usual, ‘girl meets girl, loses girl and gets girl back'.’ The settings are Broadway and Hollywood on both stage and film sets. What makes this more interesting is the time span. The story takes place over several years. Somehow Melissa has cleverly written this so that it seamlessly follows on. I love the two main characters and the book has a strong cast of equally lovable supporting characters, which enhances the story. Oh and it didn’t hurt that the book was smoking hot in parts either. All tastefully written to further the story.

I would never have known this was Melissa’s first book. The writing is superb. A real page turner. I’m looking forward to reading more from Melissa in the near future. A definite keeper for my re-read shelf.

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