Thursday, 26 January 2012

For The Love Of Miss Bard by P Crow

When Alex Trout takes her daughter Samantha to kindergarten for the first time, she meets Kathryn Bard, who is to be Samantha’s teacher. Alex is immediately captivated by the beautiful Kathryn. Unknown to Alex, Kathryn is captivated too. But Alex feels she can’t follow up on her feelings, not with Samantha’s teacher. Kathryn is having exactly the same thoughts about the impossibility of dating a parent. Eventually though, the inevitable happens and the two women embark on a relationship they hope to keep hidden. Unfortunately, Kathryn has a stalker and they are found out. There is trouble ahead for Kathryn and Alex. Will their budding relationship survive?

The storyline in this book was quite enjoyable. Unfortunately the book had a number of inconsistencies and typos. I also found it rather disconcerting that there was no explanation as to why Alex even had a child.. Her previous relationships had all been the love them and leave them type. It’s a great pity about these things as the story had great potential.

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