Friday, 13 January 2012

Arbor Vitae by Susan X Meagher

Forty Five year old Abby Graham had lost her husband William five years previously. Her son Trevor was going abroad for a while and her daughter Hayley had left for college. Abby decided to try to begin living her life again. She began dating, but none of the men she dated seemed to want to begin a relationship. Now Abby has decided that she wants to give her back yard a make over. She hires landscape architect Clancy O’Connor. A decision which will change both women’s lives forever.

Thirty year old Clancy O’Connor is an out lesbian. Within a short while of meeting Abby she realizes she really likes her, in a more than ‘just friends’ way. But Abby is straight, (isn’t she) older than her and has grown up children. Clancy knows she can’t hope for anything other than friendship. But as time passes, Clancy’s feelings become more intense, she is in love with Abby.

Abby and Clancy begin to spend a lot of time together. Soon Abby also realizes her feelings for Clancy go beyond friendship. Abby had always thought that William would be her only real true love and is surprised by the intensity of her feelings for Clancy. Abby and Clancy begin a deep and passionate affair. They have no idea how their affair will develop or even if they will be able to sustain it. Both women want a relationship. Unfortunately there is a huge obstacle put in their way. Will they be able to find a way round it? Will their love be strong enough to outlast every thing that is thrown their way. How will Abby cope when her family and friends find out about their relationship? Will she run?

This is a blockbuster of a book. A well written May/December romance of epic proportions. A truly wonderful romance of two women from such vastly different back grounds as well as their difference in ages. Although I couldn’t turn the pages quick enough to find out what happens with Abby and Clancy, I was really sorry when the book came to an end. A book I will definitely re-read.

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