Friday, 13 January 2012

55 Ford by Erin O'Reilly

Author, Andrea McBride, (Andie) is in need of someone to restore a 55 Ford truck that she inherited as part of the sale when she purchased her home. She has a special reason for wanting the best restorer money can buy. Garage owner, RJ Whittaker is recommended to her by a mutual acquaintance. For reasons of her own, RJ refuses point blank to even contemplate doing the restoration. Andie eventually wears RJ down with an offer too good to refuse. The money she gets for doing the restoration will enable RJ to do the renovations on her garage, which she’s been wanting to do for ages.

As Andie and RJ spend more time together, Andie begins to find RJ attractive and starts to think about the possibility of having a relationship. But Andie has some issues from her past that need to be resolved before she can embark on a new relationship.

RJ is attracted to Andie, but she can not allow herself to get involved in a relationship. There are too many ghosts from her past that are holding her back. RJ has to find a way to move on, but does she really want to?

Will both Andie and RJ sort out their problems from the past so they can begin dating? Is there a chance for them to have a future together? If certain people from Andie’s past have a say, the answer will be no.

This is a short book, well written and what I would call a ‘comfortable’ romance. A nice love story to snuggle up with on a cold winter’s night or even a beach read. I love the two main characters. They didn’t get off to a very good start with each other in the beginning, but as per the comfortable romance, that didn’t last too long. That’s not to say that all runs smoothly for them, far from it.

This is a very worthwhile read and for the ridiculously cheap price of $1.99 in the bargain basement at Affinity, it is excellent value. Although the book has only had a light editing, there are very few typos.

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