Sunday, 22 January 2012

A Near Myth Murder by Kate Sweeney

Kate Ryan is back. She has been persuaded to re-open her P.I business after an absence of over six years. Maureen Costello has talked Kate in to being her mentor. So, the P.I business of Ryan, Costello and Winfield is formed. Yes, that’s right, you did read that right the first time..........Winfield. Meaning both Aunt Hannah and Maggie are now in the P.I Business too. No wonder Kate is feeling her sanity is going to be tested to the limits.

When Kate’s old college roommate and friend dies unexpectedly while hiking with her sorority sisters, everyone is shocked at what at first appears to be a tragic accident. But there are things regarding Jan’s death that are not all they seem to be. Hence Ryan, Costello and Winfield have their first case to investigate.

Kate half heartedly agrees to attend the reunion at her old College, Hillcrest. Jan had always wanted Kate to attend, so now she will in the hope of finding some answers to how Jan died.

Kate meets up with some of her old friends, also with some of Jan’s sorority sisters. She also finds the weekend to be a trifle more exciting than she envisaged.

Will Kate find Jan’s death to be murder? Or is it just what it seems, a terrible accident? For those who have read the Kate Ryan mysteries before, you will know that nothing is straight forward in Kate’s life.

I absolutely adore this series. I love Kate, I find her antics hilarious. Her long suffering lover Maggie has a lot to contend with. Aunt Hannah is now taking an active part in the P.I business, this alone had me grinning from ear to ear. With Maureen Costello thrown in to the mix, you couldn’t ask for more.

Kate Sweeney writes these characters with such a wonderful sense of humor, while keeping the serious side of the mystery part of the story right where it should be. This is what makes this book a page turner from the first page through to the last. She has kept the perfect balance between mystery, romance and humor. When I buy a Kate Ryan mystery, I know I’m in for a nail biting romantic fun read. Kate Sweeney is the perfect story teller.

This whole series would make an absolutely brilliant film or TV series. Now I have to ask, when is the next Kate Ryan due out?

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