Thursday, 5 January 2012

Atonement by JM Dragon & Erin O'Reilly

Lauren Walker has discovered she has a sister. She is desperate to meet her. Lauren and her partner Maggie, go in search of Harriet Aristides. (Harry) They have to hurry, Harry may be a possible kidney donor for their mother, Victoria, who had been shot previously.

Lauren and Maggie arrange to meet Lauren’s old college friend, Nicky Ralston. Nicky works at Harry’s drug company. She is also Harry’s life partner. Lauren is hopeful that she will be able to secure a meeting with Harry.

Harry Aristides is the head of her own drug company. She finds out that Lauren is her sister after she had already met her and Maggie. At that time she had no idea of the family connection. Now Harry can’t help wondering what Lauren is up to. After all, their mother Victoria abandoned Harry as a baby, why should Harry want any contact with her now after over forty years have passed?

Nothing is ever simple though. What does Harry’s uncle, also named named Harry have to do with Victoria’s abandonment of her daughter? The past and the present seem to be woven together.

Also amid the intrigue is how Victoria’s life had impacted upon Harry and her late partner Abby, Nicky’s sister. What or who from Victoria’s past could have affected their lives and why?

Maggie’s past also comes back to haunt her. Will the ghosts from her past separate her from Lauren?

Nicky Ralston finds herself having to tread very carefully. She owes her loyalty to Harry, as her partner, but what about her long term friendship with Lauren? She can’t allow herself to take sides, but she has to try to keep the peace. Will she manage to do that without alienating Harry?

The situation comes to a head when Victoria, her daughter Harry and Harry’s uncle all meet. Will atonement take place? Will forgiveness ever be enough for all the wrongs to be righted? Or will Harry and Victoria part company again forever?

Simply said, I just love this book. Both J.M Dragon and Erin O’Reilly are fine writers in their own right, but put them together and they make a formidable team.

This is a well written, wonderful sequel to New Beginnings. There are four main characters, two couples. Each of the four people have lead such different lives, yet they all come together in perfect harmony. Well, left to their own devices they would be in harmony all along. But first of all they have to put right the wrongs of others to have a peaceful future. It’s how they get there that we read about in this book.

Right from the very first page, I was in tune with this book. There is no need to have read New Beginnings first. There is enough background to know what has happened previously. But I urge you not to miss out on it. It adds to the splendour of Atonement to get to know the characters in greater depth.

There is something for all lesbian romance lovers in this book. A bit of mystery, intrigue, excitement and of course the ups and downs of people in love and the impact of the past on the future.

I would dearly love to read more of these characters and their lives. I hope the authors are taking this on board.

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