Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Taken By Surprise by Kenna White

Workaholic Corporate Lawyer, Leigh Insley, is finally taking a well deserved break. She heads off to her cabin in Aspen. She intends to sell the place as she never gets the time to visit. On her way there, she gets stranded in a snow storm. It’s here she meets snow plow driver Margo Tosch when she comes to Leigh’s rescue.

Margo Tosch is also a ski instructor and store owner among other things. Margo works hard to make a living for herself and her six year old daughter, Lindsey.

At first Leigh thinks Margo is a rough and rustic mountain woman. As Leigh gets to know Margo better, it becomes apparent they have a mutual attraction.

Will Leigh allow herself to get involved with Margo? Margo is hiding a secret, which once divulged could end their fledgling relationship. Will Margo walk away while her secret is safe? What will Leigh do if Margo’s secret comes out?

Another enjoyable romance from Kenna. I love the two characters, Leigh and Margo, also Lindsey, Margo’s daughter. I would have liked to know how life turned out for them all. A nice book to curl up with on a winter evening.

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