Friday, 20 January 2012

Love Another Day by Regina Hanel

Law Enforcement Park Ranger Samantha Takoda Tyler, (Sam) works at the Grand Teton National Park. She’s been doing the job for five years and she loves it. Her personal life is a different matter. Sam keeps on reliving a devastating loss from her past and suffers nightmares that therapy has failed to cure.

Halie Walker is a photojournalist for The Wild International. She has arrived at Grand Teton to do an article on the area.

Sam is called in to her chiefs office and given the task of taking Halie around the area. Sam is not pleased with her babysitting task and the two women initially do not get off to a good start.

As time passes, Sam and Halie find that they actually do enjoy each others company and begin to spend more time together.

Sam however, can’t allow herself to have a relationship with Halie. She can’t bring herself to talk about her past to Halie and explain why either.

When Sam’s ex lover shows an interest in Halie, the fragile relationship between Sam and Halie breaks down completely. When Sam eventually works through her demons and feels ready to talk to Halie, it may be too late. A helicopter in which Halie was travelling has crashed in the forest. Will Sam reach the crash site in time to save Halie? Will she get the chance to love again, the love she almost threw away?

This is Regina Hanel’s debut book. I really enjoyed the storyline, although I thought the book was a bit on the short side. Nice for an afternoon read though. The two main characters, Sam and Halie complimented each other. The story went beyond a romance and had a few diversions to provide some excitement. I don’t want to provide any spoilers here, but I thought that there was one storyline in Halie’s apartment that didn’t do anything to progress the overall story. It just seemed out of place. In fact, I kept looking for a follow up on it. But apart from that one small gripe, I thought this was an excellent first book and I look forward to reading more from this author in the future.

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