Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Getting There by Lyn Denison

Kat Oldfield has two failed relationships and now she considers herself to be a complete failure. She is estranged from her family and since she broke up with her partner of ten years, Shael, she is living alone in a dingy apartment. Kat’s best friend Mary Margaret, (Em) talks her into moving into a house she inherited from her ex lover, Ruth. Kat is reluctant to do this though. The house is in dire need of repair and is also right near where her parents live. Kat decides she can’t go on the way things are, so she makes the decision to move into the house and to begin the renovations herself. She won’t go any where near her old family home though. Kat soon realizes she is going to need professional help with some of the repairs and hires a company of builders, where she meets Jess. Right away Kat feels she likes Jess more than she should and tries to keep her distance. After all, Jess is straight, isn’t she?

When Meggie, Shael’s daughter comes to stay with Kat, they meet up with Jess and her family.Meggie and Miranda, Jess’s daughter get on really well together and Kat feels her attraction for Jess growing stronger.

Will Kat give into her desires and chance being rebuffed by Jess?

I love Lyn’s writing and have done for years. This is the first book Lyn’s published in a long time. It didn’t disappoint. It was like coming home for me. The familiar writing was a true pleasure. I love the two main characters, Kat and Jess. This is more than just a simple romance, the story has a nice twist to it. This will join the rest of Lyn’s books on my shelves to be re-read.

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