Monday, 1 December 2014

Out Of Whack by Susan X Meagher

Darcy Morgan was a stickler for order. Almost OCD in her outlook. She worked hard at her job as a CPA, planned her life, obeyed the law and sat back hoping to reap the benefits of her hard work.

Unfortunately Darcy’s well ordered life grinds to a halt suddenly and she finds her life spiralling out of control. She’s just been very badly beaten and is now staggering through the streets of Brooklyn trying desperately to hide from her attacker. Darcy must find shelter or she won’t survive.

Darcy has a lucky meeting with Tess, a woman who is about to change her life forever.

Darcy has involved the kind hearted and innocent travel writer in her perilous dilemma. Darcy has done wrong, but in her now torrid disorderly world, the meaning of right and wrong has blurred into oblivion. Darcy’s survival instinct has kicked in and she’s going to stop at nothing to ensure she lives.

This is another winner from master storyteller Susan X Meagher. A fast paced suspenseful intriguing adventure story with a wonderful sweet and tender romance running through it. One minute Darcy’s life is clipping along at a nice pace, busy but uneventful, the next she finds herself on the run from the Russian mob. I don’t want to add in any spoilers, I’ll just say that meeting up with Tess was the one good thing to come out of all the pain and anguish Darcy is suffering.

I really like Darcy and Tess, they are two multidimensional and loveable characters and easy to get to know. They are backed up by some great secondary characters. Some good and some just pure evil. They all enhance the story and enable the reader to enjoy an edge of the seat, page turning experience amongst a backdrop of spectacularly described scenery.

Susan Meagher has done something a little different at the end of this book. Be sure to take full advantage of it. It will add to your enjoyment.


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