Wednesday, 19 September 2012

A Guardian's Love by Stein Willard

Paloma is the Assassin of the Royal Vampire Clan. She’s been around for over two thousand years. After some particularly blood thirsty battles in France and Naples in the year 1532, Paloma had come to the end of her rope. The killing had just become too much for her to bear and she couldn’t go on any longer. She decided she had to go to ground to rest for a few years. Once refreshed and fully rested she would continue with her battles with the band of enemy warriors and it’s leader.

Paloma’s rest lasted a little longer than she expected it to. She woke up five centuries later in present day New York. Paloma discovered the world was no longer as she’d known it and consequently her life would change forever.

The first thing Paloma must do is to find Tahlia, that is if Tahlia hasn’t been destroyed in Paloma’s absence. But first Paloma finds she has an important task to do before beginning her search for her old friend.

Inger is the daughter of two powerful vampires. One of whom is Paloma’s childhood friend, Tahlia, the Vampire Queen. Inger is powerful in her own right and has been hunting renegade’s for quite sometime. Just like many other young people, Inger likes to go out pubbing and clubbing. Her main reasons are to destroy as many renegade’s as she can and to find beautiful women for glorious fun filled nights of love them and leave them sex. Inger’s life is great, it couldn’t get any better. Could it?

When Paloma and Inger meet face to face, there is a definite attraction between them. But Inger is human and only twenty years old, Paloma is a vampire well over two thousand years old, can a match between them work? What will Tahlia and her wife Jemima have to say? What will Inger have to say when she learns the whole truth about Paloma?

This is the second book in a really thrilling and gripping vampire series. The book is well written and exciting throughout. A page turner from the first page through to the last page and has left me wanting the next book now, not later.....NOW.

The story continues on from the first book, A Guardian’s Touch, which set the scene for the series. A Guardian’s Touch introduced a lot of the characters in this book. There is no need to read the first book, but I would advise it. You will miss out on an excellent book if you don’t. This book tells the tale of the on going fight to rid the world of renegade vampires and conquer their leader. It also tells us a lot about the Royal Vampire Clan and how they live and exist in the human world. It is riveting and electrifying, a real rollercoaster ride with many twists and turns along the way.

In the first book, the main characters were Tahlia and her reincarnated lover. This book concentrates on Paloma and Inger as the two main characters. They, like the rest of the characters, are multidimensional and they play well together with all the other characters to enhance the story and progress it forward.

The dialogue is tight and Stein has made every word count. The scenic descriptions are vivid and dramatic. The air of foreboding as I read of the Royal Vampire Clan and their arch enemies made the hair on my neck bristle. The feeling was surreal, sitting in my light and airy lounge reading, yet feeling a part of the dark and hair-raising story.

There are many skirmishes and fights throughout, but at the heart of this story is a romance. Breathtakingly hot, steamy and sizzling. A romance that defies all odds, where age is immaterial and being a vampire or human is of no consequence. A romance I was hoping would take place from when the couple first got together.

The two books in this series have left a deep impression on me. I’ve found myself thinking of these characters at all sorts of odd times. I will definitely be keeping these two books and once the whole series is finished, I will re-read all of them together. Stein Willard is an exciting and up and coming author in the lesfic world.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Out of the Past by Glenda Poulter

Emma Tanner and her business partner, Sharon Paul, own a prestigious antique store in Fort Worth, Texas. After the acquisition of a particular antique and being drawn to it, Emma seems to change and she begins to suffer nightmares.
Emma and Sharon have arranged to go on a buying trip to Charleston. But her lover, Mandy, isn’t too happy about her going. Things haven’t been too good between them and with Emma’s bad dreams, Mandy feels things are different with this particular trip.

On their arrival in Charleston, right from the outset, Emma has feelings of déjá-vu. The unmistakeable feeling of being in Charleston before is overwhelming. She knows exactly what is round each corner, the history of the place and all about the people who lived there in the past. When Emma begins experiencing visions of people and times gone by, she knows it’s more than her imagination playing tricks on her. Someone is reaching out to her. Is it possible that Emma was someone else in a past life? Or is there another explanation for the strange goings on? Does the antique Emma acquired before leaving Texas have any bearing on what is going on? Emma needs help and guidance. Who or what will help her?

During the course of some startling revelations from the past, Emma finds a way to put her own life back on track. Is it possible Emma may also find a way of mending her dying relationship with Mandy with help from beyond the grave?

This is Glenda Poulter’s second book. It is vastly different to her first book, which I also enjoyed very much. Glenda has gone with a paranormal historical romance this time. She’s written a wonderful heart warming story and the book is well edited. A book that once I started, I simply couldn’t put down. This is one of those books I wanted to feverishly turn the pages of, but had to make myself slow up to enjoy the story. The story is split between the past and the present. The first part tells of the present time and events that directly link into the past. Next we read of bygone Charleston beginning in 1886 and ending in 1918 and some of it’s history as well as the fictional characters the story centers on. It is easy to see that Glenda has spent a lot of time on the research. The final part is back to the present.

The main character in the present is Emma, she plays the largest part and has many dimensions. Emma interacts well with all the other characters, all of which play their own parts in furthering the story. Just as the main character Annie and other characters do back in the past. The past and the present eventually intertwine and both have lasting consequences for the people involved and the eventual outcome of the story.

From the vivid scenic descriptions, I could visualize the characters and their surroundings. Like watching a film.

There is a lot of emotion and heartache radiating off the pages, both in the past and the present. The story has been written with sympathy and understanding by the author.

After I’d finished this book, I found myself going back over certain parts of it again. The story and the characters have made a deep impression on me.

If you like a historical romance and you are a fan of the paranormal, I would advise you to give this book a go. I was not disappointed. This is a keeper and will be re-read soon.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Tactical Pursuit by Lynette Mae

This book is set in 1994 approximately ten years after Devon James’s untimely departure from the military. Devon made her debut appearance in Faithful Service, Silent Hearts. This book is a standalone, no need to have read the first book, but I would urge you to do so. You would seriously be missing out on a wonderful book if you don’t.

Corporal Devon James has been a police officer in Tampa, Florida, for the last ten years, as well as a SWAT officer, along with her military friend, helicopter pilot, Erin McKinley, (Mac). Devon’s carved out a comfortable life for herself, but a lonely one. Yes, she has friends, but not ‘that special someone’.

Devon is still plagued with nightmares stemming back to her military service, even though ten years have passed. Will she ever get over it and be able to move on? Even find someone to love?

Devon finally meets a woman, Jessie Kilbride, a woman Devon can envisage a future with. Even better, Jessie feels the same way. Unfortunately Devon’s past catches up with her and encroaches on the present time.

The suspect in a crime spree is directly linked to the person responsible for the witch hunt Devon endured in the military. This person will stop at nothing to exact revenge on Devon and her former military friends. Will he or she succeed? What is the connection between this person and Devon and her friends?

Devon, Mac and their police friends find themselves in a battle against time to find the killer before he finds and destroys them and the people they love.

Faithful Service, Silent Hearts was a brilliant debut book. Tactical Pursuit is stupendous. I wondered how Lynette Mae was going to top her debut book, now I know and I needn’t have worried. She did. Tactical Pursuit is a fast paced page turner from the very first page right through to it’s dramatic ending. I simply could not put this book down.

Lynette Mae’s writing is tight and concise and the dialogue is outstanding. Her storytelling is totally ‘edge of the seat’. This book is one you would only get from a top notch first class author. It’s obvious from the outset that this author knows what she is writing about. She is a police officer and is fully conversant in police procedures and has extensively researched her information as well.

Each and every character in this splendid, realistic novel, plays their part to perfection. Whether they play a major or a minor part, they are multidimensional and interact and fit in well with the rest of the cast.

The actual story is like a tapestry unfolding. The scenic descriptions pulled me right into the action, ensuring that I felt a part of the story. So much so, that I could feel my heart pounding and my mouth getting dry, followed by the fearful feeling of dread when something nasty is about to happen.

Although this book is primarily a police thriller, there is also a sweet and heartfelt tender romance entwined throughout. Hot and steamy in parts too.

This book is one that I will be most definitely re-reading soon.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Short Snippets for August

Hidden Hearts by Ann Roberts
Newly qualified lawyer, C.C Carlson, is up to her eyes in debt and determined to please her new employers. She is assigned to deliver an eviction notice to Vivian Battle, an elderly occupant of a lovely farmhouse and owner of some cottages and land. Something doesn’t feel right about the situation. A chain of events uncovers some tragic secrets from the past. Will C.C help Vivian or put her career first? It doesn’t hurt that Vivian’s lawyer is attractive either. Is romance in the air?
An enjoyable and well written book that goes back and forth between the 1950’s and the present day. Star rating 4/5

Runaway by Anne Laughlin
Jan Roberts escaped from a survivalist camp run by her father when she was just seventeen. She changed her identity and is now a private investigator in Chicago. She is assigned the task of finding a runaway teenager. The security company Jan works for has been unexpectedly taken over by a British firm. The new boss, Catherine is hiding secrets of her own. Jan and Catherine are attracted to one another, but what will happen when their secrets come out into the open? Together Jan and Catherine track the runaway down to a place Jan never thought she would see again. A militia camp in Idaho. Will the two women be successful in rescuing the runaway?
A nicely written page turner. The ending however came all too soon and I thought it was rather rushed. Star rating 4/5

Speed Demons by Gun Brooke
Nascar driver, Evangeline Marshall, (Evie) had been involved in a tragic crash in which people died and she was seriously injured and lucky to survive. After a long period of recovery, Evie although suffering PTSD and nightmares, is determined to make a comeback. Award winning photographer, Blythe Pierce, also suffers from her own stresses due to working in various war zones. She also photographed Evie’s accident. Blythe talks Evie into allowing her to document her comeback into racing. The two women grow close and are attracted to each other. But they both have their own demons to overcome. Will they let their guards down and allow themselves to love?
A well written fast paced book. Exciting and hot in parts. I did feel there were some loose ends that could have been tied up though. Star rating 4/5

A Question of Ghosts by Cate Culpepper
Becca Healy grew up believing her unstable mother killed her father then committed suicide on Becca’s fifth birthday. One night Becca hears her mother’s voice in the static on the radio. She says only two words, ‘not true’. Becca eventually approaches Joanne Call, an expert in ghost voices, (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) to help her to solve the mystery from over thirty years earlier. Becca and Joanne begin a journey that incorporates Becca’s childhood grief, a serial killer and their feelings of attraction toward each other. Will they solve the mystery? Will they fall in love despite their vast differences?
A well written paranormal story with two wonderful multidimensional characters and a full cast of support characters. A real page turner from start to finish. Star rating 5/5

Lemon Reef by Robin Silverman
Del Soto was Jenna Ross’s first love. Jenna hasn’t seen or heard from her for years. When Jenna learns that Del is dead, she can’t believe it was natural causes like the Medical Examiner has ruled. Jenna leaves her San Francisco home to fly to Miami. Del died on Lemon Reef, an industrial waste site now teeming with marine life. Jenna is heartbroken over Del’s death and is determined to find out the cause. Del’s ten year old daughter may be in danger. This spurs Jenna on and she risks all to get to the truth. Will Jenna succeed?
An excellent well written debut book. The story to bring the past and the present together is told in flashback and is interwoven seamlessly together. I highly recommend giving this book a try. Star rating a resounding 5/5

Hell’s Highway by Gerri Hill
Special Agent Cameron Ross and Agent Andrea Sullivan first met on a case in Sedona. They are now FBI partners and also lovers. They are called in to investigate a series of murders in the Mojave Desert. A killer is dumping headless women’s bodies along the highways. He is escalating fast. Will Cameron, Andrea and their team find the killer before he strikes again?
A great Sequel to Devil’s Rock. Both books are standalone. The book is well written, thrilling and exciting. A real page turner. Just what I expected from Gerri Hill. Star rating 5/5

Keepers of the Cave by Gerri Hill
When a senator’s daughter disappears, the FBI are called in to find her. There have been a number of disappearances over the years. FBI Agent’s CJ Johnston and Paige Reilly go undercover in the backwoods town of Hoganville, East Texas. They join the staff of a school. Both CJ and Paige are still dwelling on a one night stand they had six months previously. Neither woman can forget it. Will there be a repeat performance? CJ and Paige soon find the townsfolk are peculiar. Plus there is the matter of some sort of monster in the woods. They just have to find out what is happening.
This is certainly a bit different from Gerri Hill’s usual books. But different is good. A nice story, great characters and a hot romance. Star rating 5/5

Second Time Around by Kate Sweeney
Successful mystery writer, Shawn Coughlin, has writers block. When Shawn’s relationship with the leech Veronica ended, so did Shawn’s writing. Shawn takes her publishers advice and goes across to Ireland for some R&R. While she’s there she meets the alluring red headed lawyer, Doctor Maura Devlin. Shawn’s smitten and her quiet ‘me’ time comes skidding to a halt as she ends up chasing Maura across Ireland.
A wonderfully well written, emotionally charged novella, written with the usual Kate Sweeney humor I’ve loved in all her books. Star rating 5/5

Sometime Yesterday by Yvonne Heidt
Successful artist, Natalie Chambers, buys a Victorian house after her divorce. She begins to have dreams of two women, Beth and Sarah and a Dark Man who terrorizes and controls them both. It becomes apparent that the house is haunted when strange noises and other events occur. When Natalie meets landscape gardener, Van Easton, there is an instant attraction between them But the Dark Man will stop at nothing to tear them apart. Will he succeed?
A well written haunting love story from both the past and the present. If you enjoy a good ghost story and romance, I highly recommend this book. Star rating 5/5

Instigations by Kiki Archer

Popular history teacher Katherine Spicer, (Kat) is in her second year of teaching at Coldfield Comprehensive School. Kat excels at her job, she loves teaching and always goes the extra mile for her students and her colleagues. Kat is happy and settled into a committed relationship with her ex student, Freya Elton.

Freya is a student attending Birmingham University. She is a fresher studying to become a history teacher. Freya feels truly blessed. She’s exactly where she wants to be, doing what she wants to do and she has a wonderful loving sexy girlfriend she’s madly in love with.

Unfortunately, the path of true love rarely runs smoothly. Freya’s new found friend Renee Eves, although professing to be straight, sets her sights on Freya. She’s determined to have Freya for herself. With all the instigations she throws around, will she succeed?

Kat lacks confidence in herself and allows her insecurities to come tumbling forth. Will this drive Freya in to Renee’s arms? Or will Freya be able to see what is happening and how Renee is coming between them?

This is a wonderfully well written sequel to But She Is My Student. I wondered how Kiki Archer was going to top her debut book. Well, she’s not only topped it, but Instigations exceeds it.

The story is diverse, it doesn’t just focus on the two multidimensional main characters, Kat and Freya. The rest of the gang are here too. Ben and Lucy are together and in love. Ben gets quite a shock, which has a great impact on their lives. Jess and Gary are blessed to be parents. Then of course, there are Kat and Freya’s parents. I think you’ll love reading of some of their antics.

I love the way this group of friends interact and play so well together. The story progresses at a nice pace and there are many twists and turns and surprises along the way.

This book is an emotional ride. Sometimes heart aching, sometimes humorous, it’s a journey of the tender love between two women newly in love and their path to finding their together forever future.

A page turner from start to finish. A book to be savored and read slowly. Oh and as an added bonus, this book is hot, sizzling, scorching and romantic. A definite re-read for me alongside of But She Is My Student. Two terrific books.

Forbidden Passion by Ruth Gogoll

From the moment Kim saw her new boss, Sonja, she was smitten. There is just two problems though. Number one Sonja is straight, number two she is married.

When Kim and Sonja have to share a hotel room and a bed at a conference, they have a night of glorious forbidden passion. Sonja acts anything but straight and married. Kim is on cloud nine. That is until the following morning. Sonja in a rather cruel and heartless way tells Kim, they will never have more than just that one night. It is never to mentioned again. Kim is bereft. How can she continue working with Sonja anymore feeling the way she does? Sonja’s aloof indifference is just sheer torment and agony to Kim.

Sonja begins to blow hot and cold with Kim. Kim just doesn’t know where she stands anymore.

Putting aside her own feelings, Kim feels all is not well with Sonja. As time passes Sonja begins to look ill. What is going on in Sonja’s marriage, she’s obviously unhappy in it? Kim begins to feel that she doesn’t know Sonja at all. Will there ever be any chance of love for her and Sonja?

Another wonderfully well written and exciting romance from Ruth Gogoll. The book is fairly long, so I allowed plenty of time to read it. Which was just as well, I couldn’t put the book down. It’s a page turner from start to finish. This is more than a straight forward romance. There is an element of mystery and intrigue through out the book. It held my interest completely through out the whole of the story.

Kim is openly a lesbian. She has set her heart and desires on Sonja, an outwardly straight married woman. But there is much more to Sonja than meets the eye. She is hiding a deep dark secret, one that could bring her life grinding to a halt and everything she’s worked for ruined if the secret should be exposed.

Both Kim and Sonja’s characters are multidimensional and interact well with the rest of the cast of equally appealing characters. The story has many twists and turns along the way. Including a few surprising detours. The scenic descriptions are excellent and I felt as though I was among the characters as one of their friends.

There is an opening for a sequel, I’m hoping we won’t have to wait too long, if one is on the cards. These characters have lots more to say.

The book has been translated from German. I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t read it, it’s so well done.

Summertime (No Man's Land) by Tiffany Sapphire

Jackie is married to Carmelo. Her marriage isn’t a happy one. When Carmelo invites exotic dancer, Summer, to come and live with them, Jackie is furious. Her anger is mainly because Summer is an exotic dancer, plus she thinks Summer wants to take Carmelo away from her.

As time goes by, Jackie and Summer learn to get along together. Even becoming friendly towards one another. Neither woman could know that their lives are about to be changed forever.

This story is told in two parts. The first part focuses on Summer's job as an exotic dancer. How she is exploited and extremely unhappy. We also hear about Jackie’s unhappy marriage and how Jackie and Summer gradually become friends. The second part of the story is all about Jackie and Summer. Their growing attraction toward each other, the sexual awakening Jackie experiences and eventually how Jackie and Summer fall in love.

The actual storyline in this fairly short book is quite good. Unfortunately, the book is in dire need of an editor and possibly a couple of good beta readers. The dialogue is stilted and choppy. I lost count of the amount of times the characters were ‘screaming’ at each other.There are parts of the story that simply do not ring true. For instance, what everyday woman would carry a stun gun around with them? I don’t intend to list everything, but suffice it to say, there are a lot of things that don’t add up.

I found the poetry at the beginning of each chapter distracting. It pulled me right out of the story and I found myself skipping over it. So, I may have missed some vital points in the storyline.

If you can get past the editorial problems, you may enjoy the story.

A Hotter State by Harper Bliss

Three novella’s and a short story

Hired help

When Olivia’s girlfriend of two years walks out on her, Olivia is at a really loose end. Although Olivia knew the relationship was already on borrowed time, it still hurt.

Olivia’s friend Sam, comes to the rescue. She gives Olivia a card with a phone number on it. It’s a recommendation for a high class sex service. Olivia is shocked at first. But she suddenly decides to throw caution to the wind, She calls the number and meets up with Scarlet, she has the hottest and most passionate time of her entire life with the hired help.

Red hot and sizzling, the heat radiates off the page of this nicely written novella.

The Honeymoon

Anna and Roz are on their honeymoon in Phuket. They’ve been together for over seven years. Their love life is still as hot and passionate as their first encounters. Suddenly, they find a way to make it even hotter.

They are on the beach when they first noticed Violet. Both women are drooling over the exotic Asian beauty. They return to their hotel room and have a hot and steamy encounter. Together, Anna and Roz plan the seduction of Violet. It doesn’t take much to lure Violet into having a steamy session with them. What an unexpected wedding present to themselves.

Pure unadulterated red hot sex. Not for the prudish or faint hearted.

Learning Curve

Ada has been sent to Berlin by her company. She’s spent the past five months learning to speak German and lusting after her teacher, Giselle. Ada has almost given up on a liaison with Giselle, when she meets her at a club one night while Giselle was out with her friends. Although nothing happened that night, the next time Ada goes for her German lesson, Giselle makes an unexpected move on her. What follows is a boiling hot adult student/teacher educational encounter.

A nice storyline as well as being erotic.

New Girl

Twenty nine year old volleyball player, Liz, finds out she has to share a room with twenty one year old new girl, Nina. Liz has had the hots for Nina for a while, but she won’t do anything about it. She thinks Nina is straight. Liz gets a lot more than she bargains for though once they get into bed.

A scorching hot short story.

In this well written collection of erotica, there are three novella’s and one short story. Unlike some erotica, which is all just about the sex act, these titles actually have very nice stories. So, for those of you who enjoy erotica and a good story, you have the best of both worlds here.

I hadn’t read any works by Harper Bliss before, but now I’ve discovered her, I will definitely be on the look out for more of her books or stories.

As You Were by Kelli Jae Baeli

Singer/songwriter Tru Morgan is totally in love with her live in girl friend Brittany (Brit) Jabot. Together they share a wonderful home on Red Mountain, Colorado. Their lives are idyllic, filled with their dreams, romantic nights and riding their beloved horses in a fairy tale, snowy setting. Life just couldn’t get much better for them....... Until one day, a malicious chain of events ends up being the indirect cause cause of a tragic accident.

Tru finds herself fighting to find the life she once had with Brit. This in itself is an uphill struggle, but add to it disruptive outside influences and it is going to be almost an impossibility. Some people just do not want to see Tru and Brit back together.

The question that has to be asked is.... Will Tru and Brit ever find their way back to the love so callously torn from them?

A well written and highly enjoyable romance, mystery and intrigue, with a light touch of humor. Although this story is basically a romance, there is so much more packed into it. So many twists and turns and ups and downs, it’s a real rollercoaster ride of highs and lows. I simply couldn’t put this book down and couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. I had to force myself to slow down. I wouldn’t advise starting this late at night, unless you don’t need to sleep.

The two main characters, Tru and Brit are poles apart throughout most of the book. I don’t want to put in any spoilers, but the emotional ride they are on, is hard going for them. The only thing I will say is, I wasn’t disappointed with the outcome of the story.

All the characters in the book were well formed and they each played their parts in progressing the story forward. The scenic descriptions made it easy to visualize being amongst the characters while the story evolves.

One thing I particularly liked about this book is the way we saw how Tru and Brit got together in the first instance in flashbacks. I do like to know the background of the characters.

This is the first book I’ve read by this author, now that I’ve found her, I’ll definitely be buying more.

Being The Steel Drummer by Liz Bradbury

Private detective, Maggie Gale is back in her second outing and has some new mysteries to solve.

There has been vandalism in the Fenchester Civil War Cemetery, followed by a murder. Maggie in the first instance was hired to prove that crime was actually taking place. In light of the murder, her employment was terminated. But, that isn’t enough to stop Maggie from pursuing her own investigation.
As if this isn’t enough, Maggie is asked to follow a husband when his wife thinks he’s cheating. It comes to light that this may have a bearing on the case Maggie is investigating.

Then there is some old journals that Maggie simply has to read. Maggie is very surprised to read evidence of a steaming hot romance between two women dating back over one hundred and forty years ago. What has Maggie in more of a spin is, there seems to be some connections between the happenings from a bygone era and the happenings of the present day. Will Maggie be able to solve these cases? Will Maggie find the connection between the past and the present?

Last but by no means least, there is Doctor Kathryn Anthony, Maggie’s lover of the past couple of months. They are at the stage in their relationship when the L for love word is rearing it’s delicious head. Unfortunately, Maggie has to get to the bottom of these latest events, before they can both relax and move on to the next stage of their relationship.

Maggie employs Kathryn part time in her P.I business, this means they can discuss all things appertaining to Maggie’s cases without breaking any confidentialities. It’s also another step towards their togetherness.

I loved the first Maggie Gale mystery and this one is every bit as good. The book is a page turner from the start to the finish.

Liz Bradbury has created a whole cast of multidimensional characters, perfectly cast in their individual parts. They all interact and play well together. Maggie and Kathryn, the two main characters, are so obviously made for one another. They fit together so well. The relationship between Maggie and Kathryn has developed at a really nice pace, not too fast or too slow. They are comfortable together and their romance is hot and passionate. Sizzling in fact.

The story is well laid out and the scenic descriptions pulled me right into the story, it was like actually being there and being invisible in the midst of all the goings on.

There are so many twists and turns and ups and downs in this book. The story is so exciting, full of secrets, old eerie crypts, tunnels under the city and tragedy. I really wanted to rush through to find out how it all ended. But I had to slow down to savor it. I was quite sure I knew who the perpetrator was quite early on, I changed my mind three times and in the end I was wrong! For me, this meant the story was brilliant. I hate it when it’s obvious ‘whodunit‘ early on.

I really liked the way the past and the present were intricately woven together to seamlessly progress the story onwards in a smooth uncomplicated manner.

I’ll just add in here, that although this is the second book in the Maggie Gale mysteries, there is no need to have read Angel Food and Devil Dogs first. I would however urge you to read it as you will seriously be missing out on an excellent book if you don’t. I can’t wait for the third book in this wonderfully refreshing series.

Reapers Inc The Hunter by B.L. Newport

Brigit Malone has been dead for five years now. She’s been employed at Reapers Inc for the whole time. Originally Brigit had joined Reapers Inc so that she could keep her promise to her beloved Maggie, to always be there for her.

Maggie is moving on with her life now though. Five years is a long time to be alone and Maggie has another love in her life, she’s asked Brigit to let her go. Brigit has no choice. She can’t deny Maggie her happiness. It breaks Brigit’s heart, but she must let her go. She throws herself in to her role of Assistant Grim Reaper. She has to keep busy, she can’t keep dwelling on Maggie.

The Reapers have been busy reaping and expanding the firm worldwide. The Head Grim Reaper, John Blackwick, feels in need of a vacation. This means Brigit stepping up to take over as Head Reaper. She chooses Katuri-Buttercup, the Reaper in charge of dangerous cases as her assistant. Unfortunately, Katuri-Buttercup disappears while on an assignment. Brigit is in a race against time to find the small woman.

In her search, Brigit comes across the ghost town of Alpina. A town where Reapers Inc used to have a satellite office, until the reaper in charge disappeared years earlier. Brigit meets a ghostly hunter, Kit James, out to avenge the death of his brother, Lenny at the hand of Ned Cadoc. The whole town is turning in to a battle field.

Brigit is not pleased to find the hunter is responsible for Katuri-Buttercup’s disappearance into Limbo. She’s faced with two choices. Cross the hunter over to his final judgement or recruit him as the Reaper in charge of dangerous cases. Which will she choose?

Another absolutely spellbinding, page turning, adventure with Brigit and her band of Reapers. Just when I thought this series couldn’t get any better, so I’m proved wrong.

A lot of this book is set in the wild west. I’m a sucker for any book set in this period of time. The new characters B.L Newport has introduced fit in nicely with the rest of the characters and progress the story along to yet another climatic ending. The storyline is exciting and thrilling. I’ve been glued non stop to the whole series.

I am hoping there will be more books in this series. The Reapers have a lot more to say. As far as I’m concerned, this series could go on endlessly. I would at least like to see Brigit happy again, with or without Maggie.

The whole series is a definite re-read for me.

Reapers Inc Dark Souls by B.L. Newport

Brigit Malone is still Assistant to the Head Grim Reaper, John Blackwick at Reapers Inc. Since Brigit was seriously injured by Seamus Flannery, Mama Dee has been holding down the fort.

Once Brigit has recovered and gets back on her feet again, she goes off on an extra special assignment. Anything involving true love, Brigit is there. Reuniting two souls in death who had been parted in life by the death of one of them, is all too close to home for Brigit and the least she can do is to help them cross over to their final judgements together.

In Brigit’s absence, Mama Dee takes on a dangerous reaping task. The mayhem that ensues from a small mistake, ensures the other Reapers have a race against time to round up all the dark souls that have escaped from the bowels of hell. Will the Reapers be successful in their task before the dark souls cause mayhem and disruption throughout the whole world?

I am absolutely hooked on this series. I found these books quite sometime after they were published. Which, in a way, was a stroke of luck for me. I’ve been able to read them back to back and I still have one left to read. The truth is, I can’t put them down. No sooner have I finished one and I have the next one lined up to read.

The storytelling in this series, is far beyond average. To say B.L Newport has a wonderful and vivid imagination is an understatement. Her way with words is magical.

As the series progresses, I notice the storyline becomes darker, more dangerous for want of a better way of explaining it. It all adds to the ‘edge of the seat’ feeling I get with these books.

The characters, as in the previous books, are all well formed and compliment each other. Reading all about the dark side is like looking in from afar. Which is as close as I’d really want to be.

A fantastic series that I hope goes on for a long time to come.