Saturday, 17 November 2012

Taming The Wolff by Del Robertson

Notorious pirate Captain Kris Wolff is not what he seems. In actual fact, he is a woman. Not many people know this, least of all her crew. They would kill her for sure, they would never take orders from a woman.

When Kris and her crew abduct the DeVale’s, a noble born mother and her two daughters, she has no way of knowing she would fall head over heels in love with one of the daughter’s, the beautiful and alluring Lady Alexis DeVale. Alexis is engaged to be married to a Spanish nobleman, the result of a treaty agreement between Spain and England. But Alexis is falling in love with Kris. However, when Alexis discovers Kris’s secret, she’s upset and disgusted. No matter how disgusted Alexis thinks she is and should be, she can’t resist the seductive charm of the pirate captain. Will Alexis let her heart rule her head and go with her feelings?

Alexis is torn between her feelings for Kris and her loyalty to her family and her country. She betrays Kris and eventually her sister escapes and shortly afterwards her mother. Alexis has her chance to escape, but stays with Kris when she is injured.

It’s not long after this that Kris and Alexis realize they have a traitor in their midst, one of Kris’s own crew. Who is it? Will they discover who the culprit is in time to prevent their position being given away? Worse still, the traitor is in cahoots with Captain Jackson, the captain of the ship the DeVale’s were abducted from. He will stop at nothing to get his revenge and to destroy Kris and her crew. Will he succeed?

This book was published a while ago with a different publisher. It’s been completely re-edited. I am so pleased to see that it has become available again. This is a terrific, well written, swashbuckling pirate adventure, with a sizzling romance just for good measure. Although I read the first version of this book a few years ago, I was still unable to put the book down until I’d finished it. The story is fast paced and a page turner. The characters are multidimensional and they all interact well together. Although pirates are portrayed as vicious and notorious and Kris Wolff is certainly no different, there is a loveable and tender streak in her, that I couldn’t help but like.

The story is basically a pirate adventure with lots of blood thirsty battles. But smoldering away is an intense passion just waiting to erupt. Kris is obviously smitten with Alexis, but even though Alexis was disturbed to find out Kris was a woman, when she has her chance to escape, she doesn’t. She’s torn between Kris and her duty to her country. Plus she can’t imagine life with a pirate captain. She wants some sort of stability. Will she be able to tame the Wolff though?

From the scenic descriptions, I could lose myself totally in the story, to the point of being oblivious to all my surroundings. This book is one that I couldn’t wait to finish to find out the outcome, yet I was extremely sorry that it ended. I wanted more. Del Robertson writes like a well seasoned author. It’s been a while since the first edition of this book was published. I only hope we will see more from Del in the very near future.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Jacob's War by C.P Rowlands

RTF Special Agent Allison Jacob, (AJ) is on a special assignment. She’s heading up a task force to bring the leaders down of a drug running racket in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her team is working side by side with the Milwaukee Special Crimes Unit. Unfortunately, the investigation has ground to a halt.

Attractive small business owner, Katie Blackburn, gets a terrible shock when she finds a woman covered in blood and unconscious in her car. When Katie goes to the police station to be interviewed, she meets AJ for the first time. AJ has no way of knowing that Katie unknowingly will give her the key to solving her case.

AJ is quite smitten with Katie. But she’s been badly hurt before. Even if AJ is willing to risk a broken heart, she knows she can’t risk Katie getting hurt. Her job is too risky, drugs, murder and mayhem are not exactly conducive to the well being of any relationship. Katie herself has issues from a previous relationship that had gone beyond sour. Will either women consider taking a chance on love again?

Jacob’s War is the long awaited third book from C.P Rowlands. Each book is entirely different in content. Here we have a well written, exciting adventure with a nice tender romance simmering away just for good measure.

Both main characters, AJ and Katie, are well formed and multidimensional. They have a lot in common, which could give them a solid foundation for taking a chance with one another. Katie’s father had been a policeman, which means that Katie knows the score where AJ’s job is concerned. But it could also be a reason she may not want to take a chance with AJ knowing the toll her father’s job took on her parent’s relationship. They have a strong circle of friends and colleagues that play an equally important part in progressing the story forward at a brisk, but not too fast, pace. The story twists and turns and veers off in different directions throughout making it the page turner it is.

The plot is intricately woven with the romance blossoming through with just the right balance, with a touch of humor added in, bringing a bit of light heartedness to a compelling story. In fact, when I was sitting thinking of how to describe this book, the thought flashed through my mind that it was like having a jigsaw puzzle, all the pieces were there to be found. It was certainly intriguing following the team as they came across the pieces and slotted them together.

C.P Rowlands has done a tremendous amount of research and it shows. I’m no authority on police procedural matters or drugs. But the story reads as both logical and authentic to me.

I started this book late at night. That was a big mistake. I was up half the night because I couldn’t put it down. I would advise starting this book early and allowing the time to savor it.

This is a definite re-read. I have heard of the possibility of a sequel. It can’t be published too soon.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Short Snippets October Reads

One Touch by L.T Marie

Best selling author, Jaime Rivers, is persuaded by her friend Darlene into taking a ten year high school reunion cruise. Jaime is reluctant to go. Her high school days weren’t that great. When Jaime meets up with her ex best friend Sierra Connor, Jaime is hard pressed to keep her feelings to herself.

Sierra didn’t want to attend the reunion either. She had feelings for Jaime way back in high school, but at the time, pushed Jaime away. One touch all those years ago is still vivid in both women’s minds. What will happen between them now?

An enjoyable romance, short and easy to read. Okay to fill a couple of hours. Star rating 4/5


Love Match by Ali Vali

Parker King (Kong) is a top women’s tennis player. She’s also known for having her pick of women and being a womanizer. Parker is in training, she’s going after a title she’s never won before. She returns home to Alabama to train and get away from a threat on her life by people calling themselves the Soldiers of God. They don’t like her depraved lifestyle.

Captain Sydney Parish is an airline pilot. Her personal life hasn’t been going too well. She’s just getting out of a two year relationship from a woman who had cheated on her. She heads off for a vacation and finds herself being Parker’s neighbour. Having already had a run in with Parker, Sydney is apprehensive. Both women feel the pull of attraction. Will Sydney put aside her apprehension and give Parker a chance? Will the Soldiers of God carry out their threats to kill Parker?

A well written romance set amid the glitz of the tennis superstar world. A nice thrilling read. Star rating 4/5


10 Quick and Easy Salads + 2 More by Karin Kallmaker

10 Quick and Easy Salads

Cindy decides the way to get into her neighbor Jaycee’s bed is through cooking. But she can’t cook. Will salads do the trick?
A nice romantic short story.

Especial De La Casa

A woman thinks she’s going on a date, but it ends up being a business dinner. All she wants to do is to be with Lindy. Is it too much to ask? So she amuses herself people watching.
Hopeful romance.

Last Call

Rikki has six months sobriety, she is in love with the bar tender though. She has to choose between remaining sober or going to the bar each night and mooning after Nebraska. Which will she choose?
Romantic choices.

Three really short stories. Enjoyable, but way over priced. Star rating 3/5


Tales For The Holidays by Kate Sweeney

Come Away

Caoilainn Dempsey left the love of her life in Ireland. When she returns, she finds not only her old lover, but death and a banshee.
A lively terrifying Halloween story.

A Healing Time

Chris Hennessey and her lover, Lydia Spencer take a trip to Virginia for Thanksgiving to see Chris’s Aunt Jess. Chris hasn’t seen her aunt for years. The weekend throws up lots of old hurts and emotions. All three women face their pasts and look to the future. A future filled with love.
A nice warm Thanksgiving story.

The Gift

Rose Quinn is hiding away in her cabin in the Rocky Mountains, Colorado. She is trying to come to terms with the loss of her lover. No Christmas festivities for her. When Emily Masters gets lost on the mountain and comes cascading in to her life, Rose lets her defences down. Emily is seeking a new life for herself. Will she find it with Rose, more to the point, will Rose let her?
A tale of romance that left me with a feeling that sometimes things happen that are more than a coincidence.

Three really nicely written stories for the festive seasons. Star rating 5/5


Thursday, 1 November 2012

Man Eaters by Linda Kay Silva

It was just another ordinary day when Dallas set off on her Harley for the city. Dallas had no way of knowing her life was about to change forever.

It happened on Bay Bridge, that’s when Dallas first encountered the man eaters. Of course, she didn’t know what they were then or what was happening. It’s also where she met a young gamer, Einstein and a cowgirl, Roper. Together these three set off to save themselves and others from the man eaters.

As the USA comes under martial law, Dallas, Roper and Einstein learn that it’s not only the man eaters they have to fear, but the military, who instead of protecting them, are hell bent on enforcing a containment program. They also have to fight off outlaw survivors, who will stop at nothing to disarm them and take their meagre supplies.

The whole situation has been playing out like a video game so far. This is where Einstein’s gaming knowledge comes in and helps to keep them safe.

Along the way they meet up with other survivors, some who can be trusted, some who can’t. Among the trusted is Butcher, she’s ex military and a medic. Their sole survival depends on their judgement of who they can and can’t trust. Mistakes are made along the way that cost them dearly.

Together this small chosen family comes to the conclusion that this plague is man made. The only way they are going to beat all the odds is to stay together, trust each other and fight to live.

This book is an absolute page turner from start to finish. An extremely well written, bloodthirsty, emotional, gut churning adventure of a fight for the very existence of mankind that had me feverishly turning the pages to find out what happened next.

Although Dallas is the main character, the rest of the group, Roper, Einstein and Butcher play almost as a large parts. All characters interact and mesh well together considering their vastly different back grounds pre plague. They work well as a team even when disagreements take place, which it’s inevitable they will.

This is far more than a run of the mill horror/zombie story. In fact, it has very real implications when you consider the way nuclear, biological and chemical warfare has developed over the years. Not that I’m saying we will have a plague of zombies, but it’s a very real fact we could quite easily have a plague of some other sort. Who knows what governments and terrorists hoard that may well cause chaos?

I enjoyed this book immensely and I am now chomping at the bit for the sequel. I haven’t exactly been blessed with patience, so sooner rather than later would be good. This will go on my re-read pile and I’ll read it again before the sequel, just to ensure I haven’t missed any juicy bits.

The Blondness Of Honey by T.T. Thomas

Laura Hastings is in love. In love with Catherine Chadwick. Catherine however, is almost engaged to Augur Lazenby. When Augur turns up unexpectedly at Laura’s home to collect Catherine, Laura can’t bear the pain of it and flees from her home. When Laura next encounters Catherine, she can’t help but notice she’s pregnant. Catherine must have married Augur. Laura is even more heartbroken if that’s possible and realizes she must get on with her life, she has to move on. Catherine will never be hers. Laura sets off on a tour of Europe and enjoys the company of more than one female lover in an attempt to forget Catherine.

When Laura meets Rachel Delacourt on her return home, she thinks she has found a new love, a love to replace Catherine. But will Rachel be the love of Laura’s life when she still thinks so much about Catherine? Only time will tell. Time that Laura and Rachel may not have when their illicit love is discovered.

This is an extremely well written, delightful, delectable, decadent and delicious historical romance. The book is set mainly in and around the San Francisco Bay area. A place close to my heart. The scenic descriptions are so vivid and real, I could picture myself being there. The beauty of the area hasn’t changed at all with the passing of time.

The characters are wonderful and multidimensional, so easy to get to know and to love. Each character plays an important part in progressing the story forward. The story has lots of little twists and turns, just when I thought it was going one way, it veered off in a totally different direction. I was on the edge the whole time, hoping against hope that Laura would find someone to love, someone who would love her back, even if that someone was not her true love, Catherine. She deserved to be happy. The path Laura took in the course of finding her way to her true love is nothing less than a wild and spectacular adventure.

T.T Thomas has put an enormous amount of research into this book, it shines through. I love history and to read of such things as the financial crash of the eighteen nineties and The Columbian Exposition in Chicago are a sheer pleasure. History and a lesbian romance, a combination of the best of both worlds for me.

At the very heart of this book is the unbreakable love between Laura and Catherine. Even as others have torn them apart, their unshakeable love will never die. They are true soul mates. Whether they will find their way back to each other..........well, you’ll have to read the book to find out.

This book is riveting from the start to the finish. Even though this is a lengthy book, it still wasn’t long enough for me. I wanted more, much more. I would love to read more about these characters, maybe a sequel or even a few short stories. See, there I go, I can’t be satisfied with one story! Pure and unadulterated greed for more from the brilliant muse of T.T Thomas. This is a definite keeper, a re-read.

Almost Heaven by Susan X Meagher

Cody Keaton lives in a dilapidated trailer up in the mountains in Ramp, West Virginia. She lives from day to day and hand to mouth, barely eking out a living and she’s usually stony broke. She’s basically happy and doesn’t believe happiness can be bought. When Cody is given a lottery ticket after returning a lost one dollar bill, the last thing she expects is to win big time. When she does, she’s so shocked, she wonders if she should just throw the ticket away rather than complicate her life with the millions she’s won. When she calms down and has seriously thought it through, she collects her winnings and decides to spend it sparingly. Just for essentials and the extra security having money can bring.

Cody’s large extended family of aunts, uncles cousins and various offspring, don’t agree with her and have other ideas. Soon the requests and demands come piling in. Houses, cars, cash, clothing and all manners of things the family feel they have to have. They all see it as their god given right to share Cody’s winnings.

Bank manager, Maddie Osborne, can see that Cody is going to be in deep trouble if she doesn’t sort out her finances quickly. Cody has never had cause to be in a bank, let alone to know anything about handling vast sums of money or investments. Maddie takes it upon herself to try to advise her newest, richest, shy customer. She’s going to have her work cut out trying to protect the vulnerable Cody from people who have designs on her money. Even Cody’s family have to be stopped somehow.

Amidst all this, Maddie finds herself falling in love with Cody. But Cody is a customer and it wouldn’t be ethical. Cody has feelings for Maddie too. But she can’t allow herself to fall in love with a woman who’s ambition is to move to a bigger city and to climb the career ladder. Anyway, Cody asks herself what Maddie would see in a hillbilly like herself. Even if they did decide to take a chance on love, Maddie wouldn’t be happy in Ramp and Cody couldn’t possibly be happy in a big city. Will there be a chance one or the other of them can change or will they have to go their own separate ways?

Quite simply put, I love this book. It’s one of the best Susan Meagher has written. I’ve loved some of Susan’s other books, among them Arbor Vitae and All That Matters, this is up there on a par with these two favorites of mine.

The story is well written, tender, passionate, humorous and the book had me riveted from the first page right through to the last page. Even though this book is fairly long, I still didn’t have enough.

I love both main characters. Cody is so vulnerable and lovable, she’s had everything so hard throughout her life, it was great to see her blossoming with her good fortune. Maddie is a high flyer, managing a small bank in a small town. She wants more. But when she starts helping out Cody, she discovers a love for the great outdoors. Together Cody and Maddie begin to learn more about how each other lives.

When Cody decides to come out to her family, she isn’t really telling them anything they didn’t already know. Although they are not too happy, they don’t get on her back too much either. Eventually they come to accept that Cody has her own life to lead and if she happens to want a woman, that’s fine with them.

The scenic descriptions were vivid and colorful. I could easily visualize myself being there up in the mountains, hunting, or fishing or in the bank with Maddie. The whole book was a delight to immerse myself in.

I like the way the story left nothing and no stone unturned. Everything was explained and shown in a descriptive way rather than being told with cold hard facts.

It’s nice to see the way Cody gradually comes out of her shell, how she becomes more confident and begins to learn to trust people. I liked seeing how Maddie slowly changed too and how she began to realize that material things really didn’t matter when she had nature all around her.

I’m not sure if there is a moral to this story, but I’ve personally taken a lot from this book. The main thing being, that money is nice to have, but it really can’t buy everything, love and happiness included.

I’m putting this in my re-read pile. I will definitely be reading it again very soon.

Sullivan's Trace by Ali Spooner

Micah Sullivan, (Sully), is running the family horse business after the death of her father. Unfortunately, Sully’s lover, Alisa, Can’t bear the isolation, so she up’s and leaves Sully. Sully is left with a lack of faith in relationships and people.

Veterinarian Bryn Barton, is a childhood friend of Sully’s. She hasn’t seen her for many years. Bryn has returned to take over her grandfather’s veterinary practice as he is due to retire. Bryn had had a crush on Sully when she was a girl. Even just thinking of her now gives Bryn a nice glow.

When Sully and Bryn meet again, Bryn knows her feelings haven’t changed. But Sully is wary of love. When one of Sully’s prize foals is attacked by wild dogs, Bryn and Sully are thrown together in a desperate attempt to save the foals life. Strong feelings develop between the two women. Then another tragedy strikes. Will this bring Sully and Bryn closer? Or will it tear them apart?

This is a beautiful heartfelt story with a lovely romance and it’s set among the world of horses. Whether you like horses or not, the story is well worth reading. It’s not all about horses and nothing else. There is a lot about family relationships and family ties. Ali Spooner writes with a sympathy and understanding of personal trauma.

The two main characters, Sully and Bryn are multidimensional and interact so well together, it’s like a synchronized dance. They are fully supported by a terrific cast of lovable characters that enhance and progress the story along at a nice pace. Also central to the story is Sully’s niece, Kendal. Kendal is five years old, going on fifteen, she’s wise beyond her years and a delight to read about.

All too soon, this book ended. There are a few loose ends and the story ended rather abruptly, like there are some chapters missing. I’m hoping this is because we are going to see a sequel. I love the characters and the settings of this book and I haven’t read anywhere near enough about them. I want more please and soon.

There are a few typos throughout the book. Nothing that pulled me out of the story though. For the very reasonable price I paid, I can easily look past them. Top marks for another delightful read.

Something So Grand by Lynn Galli

Vivian Yeats is a highly successful designer, in Aspen. Her clients are almost all rich and some are famous. She’s been hoping against hope that she will find someone to love for a long time. Her career takes up most of her time though. Is Vivian destined to be alone for ever?

Natalie Harper works hard and long hours in her construction job. She’s not in a relationship and hasn’t really been looking for one. That is, until she meets Vivian. Natalie is smitten by her. But she won’t do anything to jeopardize their working relationship. Vivian and Natalie become really good friends. Each harboring the desire for the other. What will it take to bring them both together romantically?

Quite simply put, I love Lynn Galli’s writing and I love this book.

As with the rest of Lynn’s books, I found the characters here multidimensional, lovable and so easy to get to know. The scenery is so well described, I could lose myself in the story completely.

It was lovely to see friends from Mending Defects, including Vivian. Although this book is a standalone, I would strongly advise reading Mending Defects first. It’s always nice to meet the characters from the beginning, but not essential.

This book is a bit on the short side, but there is a lot packed in to it. Family issues, relationships, business problems, all written in a seamless dialogue. Last but by no means least, there is a slow burning romance that radiates love from the pages.

If you want a nicely written page turning romance to curl up with on a cold winter night, or even a beach read, give this one a try. The only complaint I have with this book, is...... I wanted more, much, much more. But, I guess I’m going to have to wait and hope there will be a third book in the ‘Aspen’ series. Bring it on!

Changing Shape by Kathleen Wheeler

Elizabeth Thornton is an only child. It’s always been just her and her mom, Patty. Elizabeth has worked hard and is now at the top of her game. She has almost all she wants in life, a town house in Boston, her prestigious career, what more could she want? Nothing material, but the one thing she doesn’t have is love.

When Elizabeth’s mother Patty is suddenly diagnosed with cancer, Elizabeth immediately returns home to Colorado to care for her.

Hailey Jenson is a newcomer to Colorado. Hailey and Patty soon become fast friends. Patty is like a second mom to Hailey. When Patty becomes ill, Hailey is distraught. It brings back all the emotional turmoil into her life she’s carefully hidden. Hailey has been through the devastation cancer brings for a loved one and their family before.

When Hailey and Elizabeth meet, there is a definite attraction between them. But neither woman is prepared to take a chance of something more. What will it take to make them realize life is too short to turn away love?

This story got off to a really slow start. I was beginning to wonder if anything was going to actually happen. However, it did pick up all of a sudden. I don’t want to put in any spoilers, but one particular part of the story didn’t quite mesh. Elizabeth made a phone call after finding out her mom was in hospital. Instead of speaking to the person on the other end, she asked her to hold, while she gave out numerous instructions to her assistant. I would have thought her mom would have been first and foremost in her mind.

The other thing I did not like at all was an explicit hetero sex scene. I don’t spend money to read that in a lesfic book. By all means allude to it if it is an integral part of the story, but for me, it is a major turn off.

After the distaste of that, I found it difficult to get back into the book again, especially as the two characters were intending to hook up again. But I persevered.

The emotional and heart rending story of Patty’s cancer and the way in which Elizabeth and Hailey handle it, was told with a sympathy and understanding that I have to give top marks for. Kathleen Wheeler certainly knows how to get across the highs and lows of the emotions that this devastating disease brings on.

The book on the whole was reasonably good. It is not all filled with doom and gloom. There is a humor throughout, as well as some hot lesbian sex scenes.

There were a few typos and editing issues and overall, I think the book is way over priced.

Also Known As DNA By Kelli Jae Baeli

Jobeth O’Brien and her partner, Phoebe McMasters, are enjoying a peaceful life together on Manor Lane in Colorado after moving from Oklahoma. Jobeth has her P.I License and has her own agency, AKA Investigations. Their new start together is suddenly interrupted by ghosts from the past.

First of all, Jobeth’s estranged sister Izzy turns up out of the blue. At first Jobeth and Izzy don’t appear to get on too well together. But as they get to know one another, that changes. Izzy turns out to be more like Jobeth than either of them thought.

Phoebe’s past comes back to haunt her. In fact, it causes heartbreak for both Phoebe and Jobeth in a big way.

Ginger, Jobeth and Phoebe’s detective friend, has moved to Colorado with them and occupies the cottage behind their house. Ginger is looking for love. Will she find it? Ginger and Izzy appear to get on well together. But Izzy is a lot younger than Ginger and she’s not into relationships. Will Ginger get her heart broken?

It will take the ingenuity of all four of these women to get rid of the ghosts from the past. But will they be able to keep themselves alive to outwit the deranged felons?

Even though the plot to this story stretched my imagination a bit, I actually thoroughly enjoyed the story.

I loved Jobeth, Phoebe and Ginger from Armchair Detective and to have them back again is a true pleasure. Izzy has joined the three other women and her character has fit right in with the others. They all interact so well together and play an essential part in furthering the story.

I don’t want to add any spoilers in here, but suffice it say that the story is a rollercoaster ride of twists and turns throughout. There are so many ups and downs, the book is a real page turner from start to finish.

There is a mixture of humor, gut wrenching terror and emotional heartbreak amongst the action and romance. If anything, this story is even better than the first one. Both books are standalone, but I would strongly advise reading Armchair Detective first. It gives more of the characters background. Plus you would be missing out on another good book if you don’t.

I’m hoping there will be another in this series soon.

Armchair Detective by Kelli Jae Baeli

Amateur unlicensed Private Detective, Jobeth O’Brien, is living on the breadline, she’s not even keeping her head above water. Her night time job delivering newspapers doesn’t even begin to pay the bills. She’s hiding a secret which prevents her from getting her private investigators license. The one thing she has to her name that she loves, is her 1962 Falcon.

Jobeth meets rich socialite, Phoebe McMasters while she’s delivering her newspapers. Jobeth is smitten. Unfortunately, Phoebe is married and straight, isn’t she? Apparently not! The back seat of the Falcon sees more action than it’s probably ever seen before.

During the course of Jobeth’s investigations into the prostitution and blackmail case she’s on, she finds herself being battered, shot at, bitten by a Pit Bull and many other injuries she hadn’t bargained for. She also makes a startling discovery which alters the course of her friendship with Phoebe.

Jobeth is fast falling in love with Phoebe. Will her feelings be reciprocated? Or will Phoebe reject her like everyone else has throughout her life?

Meanwhile, Jobeth has a case to solve. Will she have the experience to solve it? Will she even be able to keep herself from harm? Someone out there wants her dead and will stop at nothing to kill her.

I honestly don’t know what took me so long to discover Kelli Jae Baeli’s books. But now that I have, I’m totally hooked.

I love the two main characters in this book, Jobeth and Phoebe. They are both adorable, multidimensional characters and they interact wonderfully with the rest of the characters.

The story starts out a little bit hit and miss in that the plot is a bit haphazard, a touch unbelievable. But that’s only for a tiny part, it soon picks up until there are so many twists and turns and ups and downs, I didn’t know if I was on a rollercoaster ride or a merry-go-round.

The overall story is a well written and fast paced page turner from start to finish. A real edge of the seat read that I couldn’t put down. The romance is hot and steamy, but does not over shadow the private investigation story the book is about. In my opinion, the balance is perfect.

I already have book two in this series as these books have been out a while. Don’t let that stop you from giving this a try though. I’m going to be buying any lesfic book Kelli Jae Baeli writes from now on.