Sunday, 29 June 2014

Caught and Kept by Penelope Grey

The second book in the Siren’s Song series

Kai Larsen, bar manager at the Siren’s Song Club is branching out. After years of closeting herself in the exclusive lesbian club, she’s trying to look to her future. She’s applied and been accepted for a part time job at Dani McClure’s Whidbey Island Retreat.

Kai hadn’t had an easy young life. She’s been hiding a deep, dark secret from way back in her past. Until Kai can let go of the past, she can’t move forward.

Dani McClure has not long split up from a long term relationship. Things hadn’t been going too well for a while for her and Kris, but when  Kris cheated on her, it was the final straw. Dani can’t and won’t allow herself to be hurt again, not by anyone.

When Kai and Dani meet, an immediate and deep friendship begins. As far as both women are concerned, it can never be anything more. Kai doesn’t do relationships and Dani can’t give her heart again. Friends is all they can be.

But.......Will friendship be enough? Kai and Dani both have past fears and must put them behind them in order to move forward. Will the Siren’s Song help them find themselves and the love they both so badly need and deserve?

When I read Penelope Grey’s debut book Infinity’s Song, I knew I’d found a true gem. An author I feel will be a big name in lesfic. But, I did wonder how she was going to manage to top her excellent first book. I needn’t have worried, she’s actually gone over and above topping it. This book is an extremely well written, one sitting page turner, in which the emotions radiate off the page hitting the reader right in the heart. I defy anyone to read this book and not be affected by it in one way or another.

This book has some of the same wonderful characters from Infinity’s Song. The club, The Siren’s Song, is as much a character as the people depicted in this story. You would have to read these books to know and get exactly what I mean as I don’t want to add in any spoilers.

The main characters, Kai and Dani are so true and real, I felt I actually knew them personally. They interact so well together and it is painfully obvious they are meant to be together, but the question is, will they be able to let go of their pasts and give love another chance?

If you are up for a really good story with a tender and simmering romance hovering in the background, this is a book not to be missed. Although the second in a series, it can be read as a standalone. But, I would strongly advise you to read Infinity’s Song first. You’ll be missing out on a wonderful story and some of the background on the characters.

Now, I am anxiously and eagerly awaiting Penelope Grey’s next offering. 


Cold by Alison Carpenter

When Joanna Holbrook-Sutherland, (Jo) sees a photograph of a homeless woman in her mother’s London gallery, she has no idea how much her life is about to change, forever. There is something about the photograph that is drawing Jo to find the woman who she’s been seeing in her dreams.

Jo is a playgirl. She has lots of women she doesn’t care about and lots of casual sex too. So, when Jo sets out with determination to find the nameless woman, her friends and family are shocked by her single-mindedness.

Piece by piece, Jo puts together the snippets of information she has and finds herself in Whitechapel and at last in front of Rocky.

Twenty year old Rocky has been living rough on the streets of London, barely surviving for the past five years. She is laden down with deep, dark haunting secrets. Jo knows the road ahead will be hard, but is determined to save Rocky from the past which is haunting her and her bleak, dangerous life on the streets. She has to find a way to get Rocky to open up and to trust her.

Jo engulfs Rocky in a secure blanket filled with all the love she has to give. But will Jo’s love be enough?

I first read this story online years ago and have read it several times since. I loved it then, just as much as I love it now. This is a story that gripped me from the first page right through to it’s climatic ending. I was so pleased to see this re-published as I feel this is one story that new readers to lesfic deserve to have the pleasure of reading.

This is an unusual story, one which many may say, ‘right, like that would ever happen’. Well, it may or may not happen, who knows? It’s not beyond the realms of possibility. But, this is fiction after all and a story that has been thoughtfully crafted and is for me a must re-read every couple of years.

These characters are well written, fully developed and multi-faceted. There is a good cast of secondary characters to enhance and progress the story along. The plot was very well thought out and put together with lots of twists and turns throughout. There were a few typos, but nothing that pulled me out of the story. It’s a page turner right the way through. It is in my re-read folder for it’s usual annual read.


The Death Zone. Murder on Mount Everest by Trin Denise

Veteran mountain climber, Elisa James, has one more mountain she needs to conquer, Mount Everest. The mountain on which her soul mate, the love of her life, Lyn, had died three years previously. Elisa needs closure for Lyn’s death and to bring her body home if possible. When an opportunity arises for her to join an expedition, Elisa jumps at the chance to lead the team. When Elisa meets her team, she’s dismayed to see Ryan Holbrook, the man she considers responsible for Lyn’s death, and his ex girlfriend, Maci Alexander, an inexperienced climber, in her team. Elisa is angry beyond belief and tries to get Ryan thrown off the team. His reputation of being a danger and not a team player are unfortunately not enough. Ryan stays.

Elisa comes up with a plan to exact her own revenge for Lyn’s death. But, will she be able to or even capable of carrying it out? Do two wrongs make a right?

When a fierce storm hits the Goddess, Elisa and Maci fight for their lives, relying on each other for their survival. Which won’t be easy given the odds and outside influences fast at work.

I’ve been reading Trin’s books for some years now and I have to say, this is her best ever yet. She has really excelled herself with this one and written a page turning blockbuster, in true master storyteller style. I don’t have the first clue about climbing, but it is obvious that Trin has done extensive research to put out this authentic, yet fictional story. Trin has integrated fact with fiction so that the story flows along smoothly and the lay person can easily understand all that is going on.

These characters are alive, fully developed and multidimensional, enabling the reader to live along side of them on Everest. The two main characters, Elisa and Maci interact really well together, neither character knowing really what they want in the beginning. The secondary characters are all equally as well formed and all integrate nicely together. All are essential to the progression of the story. Ryan Holbrook is one of the most obnoxious characters in lesfic I’ve come across in a while. But, without him, the story wouldn’t have had the bite that it has. He certainly had me wishing for his demise!

From the scenic descriptions, I totally lost myself and climbed Everest with them. It’s the middle of summer here, yet I was freezing, breathless with the lack of oxygen. That’s how good this book is.

There is a tight, yet fast paced plot, a story that simply begs for just one more chapter to be read. Trin is responsible for me having a couple of late and virtually sleepless nights. The true sign of an excellent book for me.

Set amid the plot is a slow burning, sweet and tender romance, which gets nice and heated in places. Whether Elisa and Maci will survive Everest, whether they would continue their romance if they do, you need to read this book to find out.

I can highly recommend this book to anyone loving a good story with a romance for an added bonus. I will be very surprised, no make that shocked, if this book does not win an award. I am adding this to my re-read folder, to be read again, slowly and savored. This book deserves and needs to be made into a film.


Stars Collide by H.P. Munro

Freya Easter comes from a long line of famous stars, her family are the renowned Conor’s, virtually Hollywood’s royalty. She’s had quite a hard time growing up in the spotlight and in the shadow of her family. Now it’s Freya’s turn for fame in her own right.

Freya has hidden a big part of her private life from the public. But when she accepts a part on a hit TV show, Front Line, she couldn’t know the impact it would have on her life. A storyline has her acting opposite the beautiful Jordan Ellis. Could Freya’s closely guarded secret now be exposed?

Jordan is living the high life in a world of glamor and privilege. However, she is disillusioned with her inability to have a steady and loving relationship and yearns to find the ‘one’, her soul mate. Imagine her surprise when the love of her life turns up, but not in the sort of flavor she’s used to.

Freya and Jordan begin a tender and loving relationship both on screen and off. What will happen when their secret gets out?

This is the second book I’ve read by H.P Munro and I’ve enjoyed both stories. The two main characters, Freya and Jordan, are realistic, well formed, multidimensional and interact well with the wealth of great secondary characters. My favorite was Dan, Freya’s ex husband and her gay best friend.

H.P Munro has followed the tried and tested formula of girl meets girl, problems develop and get resolved in the end.  We have romance, angst, tension and a wonderful witty humor throughout. 

I particularly enjoyed that Freya and Jordan began an on screen relationship and their own off screen relationship followed along a similar path to the parts they were playing. It was intriguing to see the similarities.

The first part of the book was fast paced and smooth. The second part was a bit slower and a little bit up and down. Not quite as smooth, but none the less this is still a very good read.

There were a few typos and errors, but nothing that pulled me out of the story.  

I look forward to more from H.P Munro soon.


Wetter than Wet by Trin Denise and Brett Maddox

The two nameless characters from Wet and Tune-Up return in another amazing, red hot story of tender romance and heated love making.

This time they are stuck in the middle of a raging thunder storm in the cab of a Ford F250. Parked up in a quiet grove, the two soul mates have their own way of waiting out the storm.

A beautifully written, hot and passionate story told from both partners points of view, allowing us to know what each woman is thinking and her actions and reactions.

Trin and Brett have a writing dynamic that is totally in sync with each other. Writing one chapter alternately, the reader would never know who was writing what. Great minds must be thinking alike.

I’m hoping there will be many more of these short stories. Some erotic stories are virtually porn, not so with these. Give them a try, you’ll be pleasantly surprised and hopefully as hooked as I am.


Ladysmith by Rhavensfyre

Rohanna MacLeod (Ro) has grown up listening to her grandmother’s stories of the past. What is myth and legend? What is true, what is made up? Tales of the old country and the Fae are held dear to her heart. Ro has suffered great losses throughout her young life, but clings to the past as a way to cope.

Ro is blessed with the MacLeod gift with horses. She has tunnel vision where her rightful inheritance to the family farm is concerned. There is nothing she won’t deny herself in order to keep the farm from the clutches of her evil, abusive stepmother, even love.

When Ro is on her way to a horse show, her horse casts a shoe. Unless she can find a farrier quickly, her prized gelding could be lame. By chance Ro finds the Ladysmith, a blacksmith and farrier. Alexandria Strider, (Alex) is a mysterious, beautiful woman. The two women are smitten with one another. Alex finds herself drawn into Ro’s world, holding the key to Ro’s past and her future, if she has the courage to stand strong.

Ro is confused about her past and her future. She’s spent her life running from her nightmares. She can run no longer, one of her nightmares has become her lover and reality, this maybe her only chance to be saved.

I’ve never been a great fan of fantasy, but this book has changed my mind. I’ve enjoyed other Rhavensfyre books, so gave this one a try. I’m so pleased I did. I loved the story and tore through the book to get to the end to find out what happened. My second read will be at a slower pace.

The story is set in the present day. The plot is exciting, tight, intriguing and fast paced. I was hooked in from the first page. The characters are multidimensional and the story is layered. The scenic descriptions are beautiful and vivid and enabled me to lose myself completely in with the characters in the beautiful countryside.

This is written along the lines of a modern day fairy tale. We have the wicked stepmother, evil beings, mythical and magical events, poor downtrodden Ro and the dashing heroine, Alex. Put altogether in a melting pot, add in the emotions and fantasy and the story simply oozes enchantment.

As well as the magic and legends from the past, there is a tender, sweet romance between two obvious soul mates that is red hot and beautiful. So, something for romance lovers too.

I believe Ro and Alex have a lot more they can entertain us with, so a sequel would be fantastic.


Surviving Reagan by Isabella

Sequel to Executive Disclosure

Chad Morgan has just about recovered from the traumatic hurt and betrayal she suffered at the hands of her ex client and lover, Reagan Reynolds. Unfortunately for Chad, the past is about to rear it’s ugly head again in the form of Reagan Reynolds.

Reagan Reynolds is just getting her life back on track after her diabolical past transgressions. Her father has entrusted her to represent Reynolds Holdings at the women’s conference in Abu Dhabi. Knowing this may be her one chance to prove herself, Reagan grabs it with both hands.

Chad’s new client is the future first lady, Sylvia Allegany. Chad and her team are contracted to protect her at the women’s conference in Abu Dhabi. It’s here that Chad uncovers a plot to release a deadly virus that could kill countless people if released. Will Chad and her team be able to avert the disaster?

Unknown to both Chad and Reagan, they are about to cross paths once again. How will they both handle the meeting? Will Reagan be able to convince Chad she’s changed? Will Chad ever be able to forgive Reagan? Or will this be a moot point and they be separated by death forever?

Another well written page turner from the awesome pen of Isabella. Be aware, I couldn’t put this down once I started it. So allow plenty of time, it’s a one sitting read.

I waited for this sequel with eager anticipation since reading the final sentence of Executive Disclosure. Although not happy at having to wait for the sequel, I can tell you now, it is definitely well worth the wait. Surviving Reagan has cleared up all the loose ends from Executive Disclosure and also given the reader more insight into the relationship between Chad and Reagan. Two women who are made for each other, but have problems to sort out before they can be together, if they ever get together. This story has left me wanting more, much more. Take note Isabella, this definitely needs a sequel. More of Chad and Reagan and what happens next.

This story is fast paced, the plot is tight and fraught with tension and twists and turns throughout, right up to the end. There is the added bonus of a nice romance simmering in the background waiting to be ignited.

Both Chad and Reagan are multi-faceted and there is an excellent cast of secondary characters all essential to the plot and the progression of the story. Some characters are obnoxious, but are so well written, that I found myself loving to detest them.

I’ve read everything Isabella has published and without a second thought, will pick up whatever she publishes in the future as a ‘must’ read.

I’ve added this to my re-read folder, hopefully, if there is another in the series, I’ll read them all together once again.


Inside Out by Susan X Meagher

Kit Travis is a Political Blogger in Washington DC. A place that likes to know everything about everybody.

Kit’s last relationship with a renowned politician ended on a sour note. After being publicly ‘outed’ from her anonymous blog, Kit now hides herself out of sight on the internet.

When Kit meets software engineer, Bailey Jones, at a charity dinner, she’s taken with her boyish, good looks and charm. Kit has always considered herself to be straight. She’s never even looked at another woman sexually before, so what is it about Bailey that attracts her? The two women begin to date. But, Bailey is an out and proud lesbian. Being out as a couple is a priority to Bailey and the only way she is willing to live her life.

Kit values her privacy, she simply can’t or won’t give it up. Will Kit change her mind and be more open about their relationship? Or will she lose Bailey forever?

Inside Out is a superb book, written by an author who is not afraid to explore and write about different themes. This story throws up the question of identity and labels. Is it necessary to be labelled gay, lesbian, bisexual etcetera? For Kit Travis, the answer is no. Kit has always been straight, always dated men and had good relationships and good sex with them. Suddenly she meets Bailey, an out lesbian and falls madly and deeply in love. But, she doesn’t consider herself to be a lesbian. She doesn’t look at other women. Kit has fallen in love with a person, the fact that she is a woman and a lesbian is irrelevant to Kit and she doesn’t see why she should be labelled.

Both Kit and Bailey have deep rooted issues, which doesn’t make for an easy relationship even if Kit could or would admit to being a lesbian. As the story unfolds, we begin to see the vulnerable side of both women. Bailey is out-going and has her own ideals on what is right and wrong and is stubborn. Kit is very reserved and private, she also won’t give and is stubborn. But, who is right and who is wrong? This story explores both sides of the coin.

Whether Kit and Bailey can make a go of a relationship under the circumstances remains to be seen until you read the book. The whole story is a roller coaster ride of ups and downs with lots of tender, emotional scenes and tension throughout.

This is rather a long book, so allow plenty of time to savor the story, it can’t be rushed.


Sunday, 15 June 2014

Bayou Justice by Ali Spooner

Book Two of the Sasha Thibodaux series

Sasha Thibodaux is still living a mundane existence, years after the love of her life and soul mate, Milly Vansant, succumbed to the deadly disease AIDS after drinking infected blood.

When Sasha meets Kara, she is reminded of Milly and sparks begin to ignite in her once again. Soon, Sasha and Kara are head over heels in love. Sasha can finally love and live her life once again.

Unfortunately, their bliss is rudely interrupted. Due to circumstances regarding Kara’s job in the DA’s office, she is kidnapped by the Bellfontaine brothers to enable the drug dealing pair to once again escape justice.

Eventually Kara is released, shaken, but physically unharmed. Mentally however, Kara is a mess. Her career in the DA’s office is over before it really took off. Someone had to be a scapegoat and it wasn’t going to be the DA!

Enraged by the failure of the DA’s office to bring the criminals to justice once again, Sasha pledges to use bayou justice to avenge the kidnap of her soul mate, Kara.

Another well written, sure fire winner from the pen of the very talented, master storyteller, Ali Spooner. I’ve read many books by Ali now and can honestly say, I love her stories. They are always entertaining and very different, proving she can write in many genres.

This is the second in a series and follows on from Sugarland. This will standalone, but, I would urge you to read Sugarland first. It will make your reading experience more enjoyable if you have the whole background on the characters. Plus, you’ll be missing out on another excellent read if you don’t.

This book is more than simply ‘another’ vampire book. Ali brings a whole new concept to the idea of vampires since the days of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. It doesn’t hurt that the romance is sizzling hot and Sasha and Kara are both desirable characters. They are backed by a great cast of secondary characters too. I particularly like Milly, James and Marie’s daughter, named after Sasha’s dead lover. She’s becoming more intriguing as she gets older. 

The plot is fast paced, thrilling and gruesome, spanning the bayou’s of Louisiana to South America, there is nowhere to hide from Sasha seeking revenge. A page turner from start to finish. Real edge of the seat reading. I confess, this is my second reading. When the series is complete, I’ll be reading them all again, back to back to get the full impact of the complete story.


Monday, 2 June 2014

That Certain Something by Clare Ashton

Photojournalist, Pia Benitez-Smith , is a bit of a klutz and a daydreamer. Her head is full of the perfect romance, with the perfect woman and the perfect happy ever after ending, everything is black and white. She wants to meet the perfect woman, fall head over heels in love, and that’s it, you have the perfect life. Only love matters, not money, right?
When Pia meets renowned journalist, Cate, after a mishap and literally falls into her arms, she’s in heaven, she’s met her perfect woman.
Cate is as different to Pia as chalk is to cheese. She exudes elegance and charm and has an air of the wealthy about her. When the two women discuss their perfect night, Cate is convinced that only an expensive night out will be perfection. Pia sets out to convince Cate otherwise and to show her that the perfect night can be a cheap and cheerful affair. Together they set off round the streets of London for their one perfect night together.
Does money matter? Should you follow your head or your heart? Pia and Cate do have ‘that certain something’, but is it enough? What will happen after the perfect night ends?
Set in London, this story is a beautifully written, multi layered, lesfic, romantic comedy. It is chick lit for lesbians as its very best. Clare Ashton has got the balance between the romance and the comedy just right. Neither one overshadows the other. This is a refreshingly different book from Clare’s other two full length, more serious novels. Although we did get a taste of her wonderful sense of humor in her short story, published last year.
Both Pia and Cate are fully formed and multidimensional characters. The secondary characters are all equally as well formed and important to the progression of the story. I loved Ed, Pia’s Spanish mom and of course, Cate’s irascible grandfather and her long suffering grandmother. 
Pia and Cate hit it off right from their first meeting. But, like lots of encounters, things in the long run do not go smoothly. Especially when secrets are involved. Their ensuing journey is an exciting roller coaster ride.
Pia is my favorite character. She is a simple person with simple ideals. It’s all or nothing with her, money doesn’t matter. Where as Cate is willing to compromise her feelings for money. The question is, which will win out, love or money?
I love the wonderful scenic descriptions of London, my hometown. The beautiful colorful, cosmopolitan melting pot of diversity, brought London and its people to life for me. Clare has mastered the difficult art of showing the reader through her words, rather than simply telling them. For me, this means I can live the story along with the characters, rather than just read about them.
This book enabled me to feel a myriad of emotions. Happiness, sadness, gut aching hilarity, even anger. The laugh out loud moments were many throughout and far outweighed the angst. I love Clare’s British sense of humor. Our overseas friends will have no trouble laughing along at the antics throughout this book.
This is a book that will be in my re-read favorites folder to be read many times when in need of a good laugh. Goldie winner Clare Ashton has really excelled herself with this book and has shown that she is an extremely talented writer who can weave an excellent story in different genres. All of her stories are very different. So, I’m intrigued to know what is next. But, I do know whatever story she writes, I’ll be eagerly turning the pages.

In A Heartbeat by RJ Nolan

LA Metro Series
Veteran Police Officer, Sam McKenna has a commitment phobia. Dedicated to her job, chasing criminals, even putting herself in the line of fire doesn’t worry her. But one mention from any woman of even the tiniest bit of commitment sends Sam running in the opposite direction. Sam is a love them and leave them kind of girl. A failed relationship and dark secrets from her past have made Sam this way.
Doctor Riley Connolly is a top notch trauma surgeon. Her whole life has been spent trying to please her aunt and uncle at the great cost of her own happiness. This includes dating men and hiding her sexual identity from everyone.
Sam and Riley’s paths cross when Sam is called to the hospital and they meet for the first time. It’s almost the last time, when both women face a life threatening situation. Suffering a traumatic fall out from their ordeal brings both women close together. Unfortunately, although attracted to each other, a relationship is out of the question, isn’t it?
How can Sam, a confirmed single, out of the closet lesbian and a closeted doctor ever have a happy ever after?
I’ve been eagerly waiting for this next instalment in this brilliant, well written series since I read LA Metro a few years ago. RJ Nolan has written about the same characters with some welcome new additions. This time she’s telling the story of Sam, Jess’s sister. But Jess and Kim are playing a nice sized secondary part too.
This is a standalone book and you’ll have no trouble getting right into it. But, I would highly recommend you read LA Metro first. This gives the background on some of the characters as well as being a wonderful read too. Why miss out?
These multidimensional characters are so easy to get to know and love. The scenic descriptions are so well written that I simply immersed myself in the story alongside of them all and lived it with them. The story is layered and flows steadily along at a nice pace. Once I started it, I had to finish it in one sitting.
Although this is a reasonable length, it still wasn’t long enough for me. I’m so looking forward to more from RJ Nolan. For me, there is nothing like a tried and tested formula where romance is concerned. This is it at its best. It’s no wonder it shot to number one best seller on Amazon.
I’ve added this to my re-read folder and once the series is complete, I’ll enjoy reading it all again in it’s entirety.

WILD The WILD will tame you by Kim Pritekel and Alex Ross

When Abel Cohen (Spinney) was six years old, she got lost in the woods surrounding her parents vacation cabin in Maine. Zac Lipton, a girl slightly older than Abel, finds her wandering around and helps her find her way back home. Zac has lived in the woods all her life and knows every inch of them. The two young girls become firm friends and play together every day over the summer, enjoying carefree laughter, adventures and spinning. The summer came to an end and the girls didn’t meet again until fourteen years later.
Abel couldn’t remember Zac, but after a shaky beginning, they embark on a firm friendship, strengthening their feelings from the past, as Abel gradually begins to remember the summer spent with Zac.
Abel introduces Zac into her modern day world. A world that Zac has never been in. Zac teaches Abel all about her world, the big outdoors.
Both women explore not only their different worlds, but the growing feelings they have for each other.
When Abel has almost finished with college, she knows her visits to the cabin are going to be infrequent, if she visits at all. Will this be the end of their friendship? Or will Abel be able to talk Zac into moving to Boston to be with her? Zac has never lived in a big city. Will she choose to stay in her beloved woods? Or will she follow her heart and Abel?
This story grabbed me right from the very first page and held me captivated right until the very last page. Although this book is a nice lengthy one, I still hadn’t had enough and wanted to see much more from these characters, so much so, that a sequel would be very welcome.
Both Abel and Zac are multidimensional and so vastly different. Abel has grown up having every modern convenience, while Zac has basically lived in the wild without really knowing much about civilization, let alone every day modern conveniences and technology. But, do two people have to be similar or the same to be soul mates? The answer is no. Not if you believe in true love and the concept of having a soul mate.
This book starts out when Abel and Zac were young, they didn’t meet again for many years. Where as Abel had forgotten about Zac, Zac had always remembered Abel, Spinney as she was nicknamed back then. As the story unfolds, we read about how they meet again and get to know one another all over again. I don’t want to add in any spoilers, but suffice it to say, that I found the story fascinating.
This book is very well written and has highs and lows of emotions and is very sad in parts, although there is a lot of happiness and laughter throughout too. As the story moves forward, it’s good to see how Zac is integrated into the Cohen family and comes to accept that they are not out to harm her and how she goes from being a recluse into actually enjoying the company of others. We follow her as she learns all about living in the world of people, rather than the world of her forest with just animals for company. Zac’s only experience outside of the forest was spent ‘riding the rails’. But she rarely encountered many people, so didn’t learn to interact with them. We also see how Abel learns all about Zac’s world too. How two so very different worlds collide and hopefully, Zac will become as comfortable in both worlds as Abel is.
This is a book that I’ll be reading again. I’m now looking forward to more from both Kim Pritekel and Alex Ross.

Demon Hunter by Linda Kay Silva

First book in The Silver Legacy Series
Denny Silver had no idea she was set to become a Demon Hunter. But as Denny lives in Savannah, Georgia, which is said to be to be the most haunted city in America, someone has to do the job. It’s Denny’s legacy and has been passed down through her family for centuries. There’s just one small problem, Denny doesn’t want the job. It’s not in her plans, but she really doesn’t have a choice.
The legacy has killed Denny’s father, left her mother in a home in a catatonic state, her sister Sterling in a convent, her brother Quick in prison and her youngest sister, Pure, in danger. Denny has to step up and take the reins to balance both worlds.
Denny is pushed into the dark and terrible world of demonic entities who leave trails of destruction wherever they go. To protect her family and friends, Denny must become the Demon Hunter. This book tells her story.
A fantastic flying start to a much welcome brand new series from the pen of Master Storyteller, Linda Kay Silva. I’ve been reading Linda’s books for a number of years and look forward to each new story with eager anticipation. I’m never disappointed.
This fast paced, blockbuster of a book kept me on the edge of my seat, feverishly turning the pages right from page one through to it’s dramatic, climatic ending. This book is full of demons, ghosts, mediums, seers and Wiccans making for a chilling, thrilling, paranormal/supernatural read. There is the addition of an unusual and surprisingly different romance entwined throughout too, especially for those of us who simply love romance in a book.
I loved reading the carefully constructed background on Denny Silver and her family. The book mainly centers around Denny and her character is fully formed, well written and portrayed. The secondary characters are equally as multidimensional and the story is phenomenal. It’s layered and as each layer is unwrapped, we get right down to the crux of the story, Denny’s new job, hunting for and destroying demons.
If the rest of the series is as exciting as this first book, Linda is onto a sure fire winner and will have some very happy and satisfied readers. I can’t wait for book number two.

She Sings Of Old Unhappy Far-Off Things by Caren J Werlinger

Margaret Braithwaite was an up and coming Regency scholar, as well as a published author. All that changed for her when she married Gavin, a college professor almost thirty years her senior. After her marriage, Margaret’s talents were overshadowed by her famous husband until over the years, they were virtually non existent. As the years go past, Margaret becomes a shadow of her former self, just floating along in Gavin’s wake.
Asheville landscape architect, Wyck Fitzsimmons, is hired by Gavin to restore his neglected gardens to their once pristine condition. Wyck is more at home with plants and animals than with people. They are much safer than women anyway.
Gavin’s gardens are once again blooming due to Wyck’s expertise. The gardens aren’t the only thing to be blooming, Margaret is feeling the bloom of love for the first time in over thirty years. The feelings scare her more than being alone forever after Gavin’s impending death.
Gavin can see the attraction and love between his wife and Wyck sparking. With this knowledge, he takes steps to ensure that Margaret will remain forever tied to him and the university where they both work after his death.
Faced with the choice of love or destitution, Margaret runs away to England to immerse herself in Jane Austen and Wordsworth country, two of her all time favorite writers and to distance herself from her inner turmoil. She has to forget all about love and Wyck. Even though Gavin is dead, she’s still his wife, isn’t she?
Wyck is alone in North Carolina. She has her own demons from the past to overcome. They say lightening never strikes twice in the same place. But it has for her and she’s devastated. How could she have let this happen?
Will Margaret and Wyck look to the love growing within their hearts and find the courage to overcome all odds to be together? Or will a dying, bitter old man and his awful legacy after his death, forever tear them apart?
Another masterpiece from Master Storyteller Caren J Werlinger. Each of her books is so vastly different from the last. I never know what to expect. But the one thing I’ve come to expect and have never been disappointed in is, her writing is consistently good, her stories diverse and they are page turners from start to finish.
There are some authors I’d buy without reading any synopsis or knowing anything about the story. This is one such author. An author I trust will entertain me with a book I can’t put down.
This story is emotionally charged and a page turner from the outset. The fact that the fully developed, multi-faceted main characters are so vastly different on the outside, yet on the inside, not so different, adds fuel to the slow burn throughout, until it’s final combustion at the end.
The story is full of twists and turns all the way through. There is angst and tears followed by laughter and mirth. It’s not all doom and gloom. The path the reader is taken on is one I eagerly followed and was very sorry to see end.
Added in to the turmoil of love, are the feelings Margaret suffers of inadequacy due to the eighteen year age difference between her and Wyck. But, does age matter when you meet your soul mate? After all, it’s only a number.
I’m not going to add in any spoilers, but suffice it to say, that this is a story that will stay with me for a long time. There are people like Margaret and Wyck. People who try so hard to please others that it is at the expense of their own happiness. People who are simply too nice for their own self preservation.This story takes us on the long winding journey down the path to real love and to accept that it is deserved.
Will Margaret choose to leave her comfort zone and give up everything to be with Wyck? Will Wyck even want Margaret after everything that’s happened? Read this book and find out. You won’t be disappointed.  

Tune-Up by Trin Denise and Brett Maddox

Both characters from Wet are back in another steaming, red hot story of love and lust. This time the author and her partner decide they are going to spend the day working. The author will write and her partner will tinker with her old car. Soon work is the last thing on their minds. It’s a wet and warm day and soon the outside of the garage isn’t the only place that’s wet and warm.
A brilliantly written erotic story. There are no names or any real descriptions of these characters, this is what I find so intriguing.
Although short, there is a lot packed into this erotic story. Unlike some erotica which is just all sex, there is an actual story showing the depth of feelings between two lovers in a committed relationship.
I look forward to more from Trin and Brett soon.

Wet by Trin Denise and Brett Maddox

An erotic short story
A well known author and her not so well known partner attend a lesbian fiction conference. The partner keeps well out of sight and watches the speeches from the audience. When her author partner opens the floor up to questions, one reader asks about a scene in her book. The authors partner knows how embarrassed she will be and also how wet it will make her.
The talk can’t be over quick enough for either of them so they can escape to the privacy of their room.
A satisfying well written quick read with two wonderful characters who obviously care for one another deeply. This makes the difference between the usual erotica and this sensitive, sensual, heartfelt erotic story. This may be short, but there is a lot packed into it. Including an off the chart, red hot shower scene.
I loved this story and I’m pleased I have another one to read with the same characters. If you like erotica, I highly recommend this story.

Mac vs PC by Fletcher DeLancey

A Novella
Anna Petrowski is a computer technician at the university. Everyone seems to think her help and advice should be given freely at any time. Even on her precious downtime at weekends.
Anna has her strict Saturday routine with a visit to the Bean Grinder Coffee Bar. It’s the same every Saturday, a scone, caramel mocha and peace and quiet.
When Anna meets Elizabeth Markel in the Bean Grinder on her Saturday visit, she learns that Elizabeth is new in town and is working at the university. Although Elizabeth obviously needs help with her computer, the fact that she doesn’t ask prompts Anna to offer her assistance. So begins a tentative friendship with may be the possibility of them becoming more than friends eventually.
However, Elizabeth is in a rather high up management position at the university and when Anna finds this out, all sorts of prejudices come flying out of nowhere. Their friendship is over before it even begins.
Will Anna put aside her prejudices long enough to get to know Elizabeth outside of her job? More to the point now, will Elizabeth ever be able to forgive Anna for her bad behavior?
This is the first time I’ve read anything written by Fletcher Delancey. I have enjoyed this short novella. It is as it’s title suggests, a story about whether one should use a Mac or a PC, with a romance thrown in for good measure. I’m techie minded and I really enjoyed the story. It’s also taught me a few things about Mac’s too as I’m a PC person.
I did get the impression though that this book was a little like a sales pitch for buying a Mac. For me, the balance between the Mac vs PC and the romance was little top heavy on the Mac side. But, the romance was the usual tried and tested formula. Girl meets girl, things don’t work out and girl tries to get girl back again. So, the story worked for me.
I would like to read more from Fletcher Delancey as I enjoyed her writing style and really liked the two multidimensional main characters.

Veritas by MJ Duncan

Top notch New York sous chef, Lauren Murphy is taking a seventeen day working vacation aboard a luxurious private yacht, the Veritas. Seventeen days of sailing around the Virgin Islands is just the break Lauren needs. Lauren is in her element, she has total responsibility for her own galley and all the menus.
When Lauren first meets Grey Wells, captain of the Veritas, she just can’t make her out. Grey’s manner is sharp and brusque one minute, wary and friendly the next. Lauren just can’t fathom out what she could have done to upset Grey or make her distant and remote. But, one thing Lauren does know, she is determined to get to know Grey better.
Lauren has no way of knowing that her working vacation will change both of their lives forever.
A nice and comfortable easy read, perfect for the beach or to curl up indoors with. I liked the two fully developed main characters, Lauren and Grey. They are so obviously made for each other and it’s a pleasure to watch their friendship grow.
I don’t want to add in any spoilers, so I won’t go into the actual story in any more detail. This is the second book I’ve read and enjoyed from MJ Duncan.
Both leading characters are multi-faceted and fully developed. The story is layered and more than a simple girl meets girl romance. There is some angst along the way, true love is rarely smooth sailing completely. There are some wonderful secondary characters integrated into the story. Including three young boys and their parents enjoying their cruise. The antics they get up to adds another nice dimension.
I loved the scenic descriptions of the beauty of the Caribbean. MJ Duncan has the knack of showing the reader the story rather than simply telling telling the story. I was easily able imagine myself on the Veritas sailing around without a care.
There are a few typos and errors, nothing that pulled me out of the story though. However, I do wish the author would stop using the characters hair color and use their actual names. A minor point I know, but one I find rather irritating. Describing a character once should be enough for any reader to be able to visualize them.
I am looking forward to more from MJ Duncan. This is her second book and I can see the improvement in her writing and storytelling.