Sunday, 22 July 2012

In The Unlikely Event by Saxon Bennett

Chase Banter and her dysfunctional family are back for another rollercoaster ride of fun and high jinks.

Chase has changed since becoming a parent. She no longer avoids taking the odd risk here and there. Neither does her ever loving spouse Gitana. Her culinary skills always end up in utter disaster. Much to the dismay of Chase and Bud and laugh out loud humor for the reader.

Writer, Chase, is on the board of the Lesbian Illumination Institute, but she wants out of it. She ends up at loggerheads with her BFF Lacey. Much hilarity ensues, involving hand cuffs and shady characters.

Gitana and Chase’s six year old (going on twenty) daughter, Bud, is an aspiring film maker. She is going to make a documentary of Chase’s journey to her new found fearless self, as well as anything else she fancies filming along the way. On her journey of self discovery, Chase learns to skateboard, gets herself a job gift wrapping and excels at it, even entering a competition. She puts herself in the middle of a germ filled clinic, all to prove how she has changed.

Of course, Chase still has her muses, Divine Vulva and Commercial Endeavor keeping her company, just to add to the gut aching laughter.

As if all this isn’t enough, jumping out of a plane looks to be on the cards too. But will Chase be up for it, or back out at the last moment?

This book is crazy, an absolute side splitting laugh throughout. Although Chase didn’t give birth to Bud, they are both so in tune with each other it’s uncanny. There are lots of wonderful multidimensional characters playing large and smaller parts all interacting really well together to further the story in this hilarious fun filled lesbian family romp. Lacey, Chase’s best friend is the sort of friend I think I’d feel the need to swiftly strangle. She has some huge control issues. I loved the way Chase eventually sorted her out. Donna is another great character too. It was nice to finally find out a little bit more about her.

My all time favorite character is Bud. I just love the way she is. Although I have to say, I’m glad I’m just reading about her rather than living with her.

I’m not sure if this was the last in the series, I’d love to see another book, especially one where Bud reaches adolescence. If Bud is the way she is at six, just think of the fun she will have when she’s sixteen! Which means as a reader, great fun for us too.

Tats Too by Layce Gardner

Lee Hammond and Vivian Baxter are back with a huge bang after their debut appearance in Tats. After getting out of Oklahoma alive, Lee and Vivian settle down to a life of near domestic bliss to wait for their new arrival. They are living the quiet and uncomplicated life of the all American gay family.

When baby Georgia arrives, their lives are complete. But as with most things around Lee and Vivian, this is the lull before the storm and their lives are about to be turned upside down.

Lee finds electronic bugs in their smoke detectors. It appears that Vivian hasn’t been entirely honest about her past life and now the mob are back, guns blazing. They want their thirty million dollar Devil’s Diamond back. The diamond that Vivian stole from them and didn’t tell Lee about. The chase is on and a hilarious side splitting chain of events follows. Buckle up for the ride.

A wonderfully well written sequel to Tats. In fact, Tats Too is even funnier. I would warn you not to read this book in public, unless you want to be carried off by the people in white coats for laughing demonically out loud. Quite honestly, if there was a spew factor rating for this book, out of ten, I would rate it twelve. It truly is that hilarious.

I love both main characters Lee and Vivian. They are multidimensional and interact so well together. Just like an old married couple, they know each other’s thoughts. Goodies and baddies alike all have their parts to play in progressing this page turning story forward.

There is so much packed in to this book. Not only are Lee and Vivian being chased all over Vegas and Hollywood by Italian mafia types, but also the FBI too. Which in turn leads to some really hair raising and hilarious escapades. Oh, not to forget the biker gang and Vivian’s sister, Lulu, who used to be her brother, who is now a lesbian, added in to the mix. All just so funny.

I would like to have seen more of Lee and Vivian’s domestic bliss with baby Georgia, but I’m hoping Layce maybe saving that for a third romp with this dynamic duo.

Friday, 20 July 2012

For Now, Forever by Trin Denise

Cassie Reynolds was living a contented life. She’d just had a whole weekend celebrating her birthday. Monday morning came all too soon and she goes off to open up her flower shop. Just another ordinary day.......Or so she thinks.

She is visited by Attorney at Law Gordon LeVitt, he has news that will turn Cassie’s life inside out and upside down. Cassie’s father, the man she’d grown up with, believing him to be her father, is not her biological father. Instead she learns that a man called Collin Masterson, recently deceased, is her biological father. As if this shock isn’t enough, Cassie is asked to go to Masterson, West Virginia for the reading of his will. Apparently Cassie is to receive an inheritance. Cassie has to decide whether or not to go. What will she do?

Just as Cassie reaches Masterson, West Virginia, she has a tire blow out. As Cassie is attempting to change the wheel, a drop dead gorgeous woman offers her assistance.

One thing leads to another and Cassie spends the night with the beautiful stranger, Eelyn M Carmichael, having the most passionate night of her entire life. The following morning, Eelyn takes Cassie to her appointment for the will reading.

Cassie isn’t expecting to see Eelyn again. So she’s shocked beyond measure when Eelyn arrives in the room for the meeting. When she sits down next to Collin’s widow, Leonora, Eelyn’s mother, Cassie is physically sick to her stomach. Cassie runs, never looking back.

Eelyn isn’t going to let Cassie go though. Things are never what they seem and nothing is ever simple in life.

This is a beautifully written and wonderful story that ended all too soon for me. This novella contains a lot more than just a romance and red hot sex. There is a bit of mystery and intrigue as well as twists and turns along the way. Just when I thought I knew how the story was going, it veered off once again.

I think Cassie and Eelyn are great characters and the story has some nice minor characters along the way. I would love to see much more of them, I think they have a lot more they can say.

Trin has a great way with words and is a wonderful storyteller. I’m looking forward to reading more from her in the very near future.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Intrigued By First Sight by Erin Miller

Freshman, Honey Elizabeth, is studying Child Study, she is determined to do well and to become a teacher. Honey lives with her best friend Jean in apartment neither woman can really afford.

Jackie Miller is a freshman and she has her sights set on being a Police Officer. She meets Honey in a composition class. For Jackie, the world spins. Jackie knows right away that Honey is ‘the one’. The one who will change her life forever. The one she wants to spend the rest of her life with. Jackie has never felt this way about any one before. But will she persuade Honey to go out on a date with her? The answer is yes. Honey and Jackie embark on the first stage of their ‘together forever’ journey.

But to be able to stay together, Jackie has to let go of her past. A past that has been filled with sadness and violence. Will she be able to? Although madly in love with Jackie, will Honey be able to accept Jackie’s turbulent and violent past?

This book is set a few years in to the future. I’m not sure that’s it’s quite far enough though for the story to be believable. But as the book is purely fiction and if you are not looking for a ‘true to reality’ book, I believe you will really enjoy the storyline.

There is a lot packed in to this book. Adventure, red hot steaming romance, jealousy, stalking, kidnapping, twists, turns and ups and downs all the way through, keeping the reader frantically turning the pages to find out what happens next.

Honey and Jackie are both loveable characters and easy to get to know. They are backed up by a strong cast of supporting characters, some nice and some you just love to hate. All are essential in progressing the story forward to it’s untimely ending. I say untimely, because I didn’t expect the book to end so soon and I wanted more. The ending has left an opening for a sequel, which according to the blurb at the back of the book, is in hand.

Just one point I would like to make, there are a few typos and grammatical errors. They were not enough to detract from the story, but I know this will bother some readers.

I’m looking forward to reading more from Erin Miller in the future.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Castle of Dark Shadows by Patty G Henderson

Nineteen year old Olivia Hampton is on her way to Dunraven Castle, the home of the Dunraven family. Olivia has been employed by Marion Dunraven to catalog and sort out her father Julian’s books in his vast library.

Olivia has been met at the station by Jack Griffen, the Dunraven coachman. When a mishap occurs on a lonely forest road en route for Dunraven, Olivia is left alone with only the horses and unknown shadows to keep her company. This is the beginning of her descent into a horror she’s never before experienced. Olivia will have to fight for her very existence and the woman she loves. Will she survive the downward spiral into murder and insanity?

When Olivia finally arrives at Dunraven Castle, she finds herself being stalked by the same nameless, faceless horror she’d experienced in the forest. What is going on? Why should she, Olivia, be a target?

The one thing that keeps Olivia at Dunraven Castle is Marion. Olivia has been madly attracted to her since her arrival. Can it be possible that Marion feels the same?

This is pure gothic romance and intrigue at it’s very best from the pen of the Queen of all things dark and delicious, Patty G Henderson. Patty has once again excelled herself with this book. Her writing as always, is superb. A page turner from the start right through to the finish. A book that kept me up into the wee small hours when things seem creepy anyhow. Good job I wasn’t alone when reading it.

I’m going to add in to my review something I don’t usually comment on. The book cover. I mainly buy ebooks, so I don’t get to see the cover in all it’s glory, other than when I purchase a book. But the cover on this book captured my eye. Even if I hadn’t known what the story was about after reading the synopsis, this delightful cover would have drawn me in right away. The cover is totally designed by Patty herself. Another of her many talents.

I love the two main characters in this book, Olivia and Marion. Both are multi dimensional and interact really well together throughout the story. They are bolstered by a splendid cast of minor characters all essential in progressing the story forward and to a climatic conclusion. All the characters are well written and even the baddies are ones I loved to detest.

Here we have the dark, brooding, foreboding, dusty old castle, described to the reader in such detail, that I totally lost myself and lived the story alongside of the characters.

This book goes a little beyond a run of the mill gothic romance. Woven intricately into the story is murder and madness. A madness that has taken over the Dunraven family and has mapped out their dismal existence. Marion wants more though. But will she be able to veer from the path the family has already taken? It’s interesting and quite shocking to see how the plot unfolds as all is slowly and painstakingly revealed.

I came to the end of this book all too soon. I was so sorry to finish such a wonderful story.

If you like a book that’s dark, intense, keeps your heart rapidly beating and your spine tingling, you’ll love this one. I’ve read this book twice now, once was not enough. I will read it again. It’s a definite keeper and will always have a place on my book shelves. I eagerly look forward to Patty’s next book.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Short snippets of June reads

Veiled Conspiracy by Michele Coffman

Elaina Williams is a reporter on the lookout for a new and interesting story. When her ex-girlfriend Kim contacts her regarding a story of a lifetime, her life changes forever.

A well written and thrilling story that kept me turning the pages in to the early hours. First in a series. An excellent read. Star rating 5/5


Trust Our Tomorrows by Carrie Carr. Lex and Amanda

Lex and Amanda are back. The together forever couple are living happily on their ranch, The Rocking W. Lots of ranch adventures, family life, hard work and great fun.

I love this series, as always this is well written, humorous with the lovable Walter’s family and is a great read. Star rating 5/5


The Secret of St Claire by Robin Alexander

Lindsay Juneau is living in St Claire with her six year old daughter and cares for her widowed mother. When veterinarian Nicole Allen meets Lindsay, she is attracted to her right away. Will Lindsay be interested in her other than a friend though?

A nicely written romance, with a great touch of humor and lovely characters. As always with Robin Alexander’s books, this one is a delightful and hot read. Star rating 5/5


The Quality of Blue Nat Burns

When River Tyler takes a job in the Florida Keys, she had no idea her life would change forever. When gem buyer Larken Moore meets River, sparks fly. Unfortunately someone else wants River for himself. So, who will win?

Exciting nicely written story and a hot romance. The characters interact nicely together. Star rating 4/5


Hearts Resolve by Carrie Carr

When Parks Police Officer Gibson Proctor returns home to Benton, Texas after over twenty years, it’s like she’s never been away. Her family still treats her with contempt and her best friend Maddy is still her best friend. When Gib bumps in to Delaney Kavanagh and upsets her, she has no way of knowing her life will change forever. But will Delaney let Gib in to her life?

A most enjoyable romance. One that I would definitely keep to read again. I loved the characters and the drama. Star rating 5/5


Identity by Nat Burns

Dog trainer Shay Raynor has had a disastrous and destructive relationship. When she moves from DC to Maypearl, Alabama, all she wants to do is hide herself away from the world. When Shay meets Liza Hughes, she begins a tentative friendship. Unfortunately the arrival of Shay’s ex is about to jeopardize the fledgling relationship Shay and Liza have formed between them.

A nicely paced well written story of survival and the power of love. Star rating 5/5


LoveLife by Rachel Spangler

Joey Lang is at a stage in her life where she feels the need for a change. For this she needs courage. Elaine Raitt is a life coach. When Joey and Elaine begin coaching sessions, both women begin to feel more for each other than is professionally correct.

A nicely written romance that follows the tried and tested formula. Star rating 4/5


Touch Me Gently by D. Jackson Leigh

After the death of her estranged father, Salem Lacy decides to leave Atlanta and relocate to Oakboro to run the insurance business he left her. Her life in Atlanta had taken a turn for the worse anyway when her closeted lover died in another woman’s arms. When Salem meets Knox Bolander, there are many reasons why she feels she can’t risk falling in love again. Will she listen to her head or her heart?

Another lovely well written romance by D Jackson Leigh. Great characters, horses and very hot. Star rating 5/5

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Dante's Awakening by Devon Marshall

Top notch Hollywood agent, Dante Sonnier, is a friend to a vampire community residing in Los Angeles. Dante is often called upon when they need a human to help them out.

Voshki Kevorkian is the beautiful vampire leader. Voshki wants Dante to be her own human. Although Dante finds Voshki sexy and attractive, she has no wish to be owned by anyone, human or vampire. Vampires are well known for their possessiveness and jealousy. So Dante refuses Voshki’s frequent advances.

Ellis Kovacs, a vampire sired by Voshki and her right hand woman, also has designs on Dante. But it goes against vampire ethics to want Dante for her own when Voshki has already spoken of her desire for her. Dante is drawn to Ellis and there is an almost magnetic attraction between them. Will Dante and Ellis give in to their attraction?

Ellis and Dante are sent together on a mission to find out what is happening with a two thousand year old sect of murderous rebel vampires, known as the Children of Judas. The group has a new leader, Robin Shepherd and their aim is to remove Voshki from her leadership of the vampire community and expose them all.

It’s inevitable that after being thrown together in their investigation of the Children of Judas, Dante and Ellis give in to their passion and desires. What will Voshki do when she finds out?

When their plans go wrong and Dante is kidnapped, it’s time for Voshki to take over. Heaven help anyone, vampire or human who gets in her way.

This is the first book in a promising new series. It has got off to a thrilling and exciting start. The story is fast paced and a page turner from the first page right through to the last page.

The book is well written. The main characters are delightful, humorous and multidimensional. They are backed up by an equally well balanced cast of minor characters that interact well together and are instrumental in progressing the story forward to an exciting conclusion. I, for one, was very sorry to reach the end. I wanted more, much more.

The vampires in this book are quite different from those in other vampire books I’ve read. They are to all intents and purposes, quite normal in that they walk around during day light, don’t fly around like bats or drink the blood of unsuspecting people. But they do have special powers. So, even for those who are not too keen on the Dracula like vampires, you could give this book a try. There is far more to this book than vampires. The story is exciting, humorous and hot, very hot in parts.

I haven’t read anything else from Devon Marshall, but I’m certainly looking forward to the next book in this series and any other books she may write.

Earthbound by JM Dragon & Erin O'Reilly

Amanda Lawson was happy. She had a wonderful partner, Gwen and they had been together for eight glorious years. One terrible day everything changed. A cement truck ran into them, killing Gwen and seriously injuring Amanda. Now Amanda is in constant pain and on the verge of committing suicide. How can she possibly go on living without her beloved Gwen? Even now, two years later, Amanda’s life is a mess and on hold.

One day, mysteriously, a 1999 phone book appears, opened on a page for a spiritual healer. After reading ‘Let me heal you with the light’, Amanda believes that Gwen is reaching out to her from beyond the grave. She dials the number for Luminitsa, the healer and arranges to visit for a consultation.

When Amanda visits Luminitsa and her gorgeous granddaughter, Raphaela, (Rae), Amanda feels that her life may not be over after all. For the first time in over two years, Amanda feels hope.

Amanda has to embrace the knowledge Luminitsa and Rae have to impart in order to leave her world of pain and pills behind her. But will Amanda be believe in them or be strong enough? Can Amanda let herself go completely to get her life back again? For Amanda to be able to live her life and love again, she has to let Gwen go. Will she be able to?

This book was previously offered as a free read, but has been totally re-edited.

The story is unusual, a page turner and is extremely well written. Both JM Dragon and Erin O’Reilly are accomplished and wonderful writers in their own right. Together this magnificent writing duo have produced an above average book, with a storyline that ensures you won’t want to put the book down until you’ve turned the last page.

The story is a mixture of the supernatural and romance. In my opinion an excellent mix of the two. The actual storytelling is superb. Both angst and humor radiates from it’s pages. The scenic descriptions ensured that I felt a part of the story alongside of the characters as the story unfolded. Very cleverly written.

There are three main characters in this book, Amanda, Rae and Luminitsa. They are all multidimensional and loveable characters. They are backed up with some equally important minor characters who are essential in the telling of this story and progress it forward at a nice pace to it’s conclusion. Which came far too soon for me.

I would like to see more from Amanda, Rae and Luminitsa in the future. But any book JM Dragon and Erin O’Reilly write, will be more than welcome on my bookshelf.

The Ripper's Daughter by Anders and Phair

Police Detective, Colby Willis, is a shadow of her former self. Since the murder she feels she should have prevented of her mentor, Marty Walsh, Jack Daniel’s has become her best friend. Plus Colby is suffering from uncontrollable seizures and blackouts, she has whole chunks of time unaccounted for. Time she has no idea of where she’s been or what she’s done.

Colby is currently investigating a series of grim murders, committed by a person the press have named ‘The Ripper’s Daughter’. This unknown subject picks a random victim, mutilates them in unimaginable ways, glues their mouths closed and leaves them to die, right near where an unsuspecting person could easily find the body.

Colby is also eaten up with guilt by her failure to protect the woman she loved, Jessie Walsh, Marty’s daughter. Colby knew she had been incarcerated in a mental asylum and left her there. She had no idea of what Jessie was going through, she abandoned her.

Colby is certain that Jessie knows the killers identity. An arrangement is made for her to meet Jessie and her lawyer for a visit at the asylum. Both Jessie’s lawyer and Colby are horrified by Jessie’s condition and decide to remove her immediately from the institution. It’s Colby’s task to keep Jessie safe and secure until a new place is found for her.

Colby is desperately trying to recall things from the past, things that may help with the case. Also she has to coerce Jessie into divulging the name of the killer. Will Colby remember, or will she be too late to save both herself and Jessie from becoming the killers next victim?

A fast paced, grisly, gruesome, thrilling, chilling and intriguing detective story that is so dark, it’s black. This story is not for the faint hearted, or for anyone who suffers from a nervous disposition. It’s pure terror at it’s finest. Best read when not alone.

The scenic descriptions are graphic and horrifying. The storytelling is at it’s best and leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination.

I loved the two main characters, Colby and Jessie. They are two people who have suffered horribly in their lives and their pasts have a bearing on the present time and possibly their future. They interact well together. The rest of the characters fit in well and are essential in moving the story along.

I have to say, although I really enjoyed this book and the story is one of the best in it’s genre I’ve read in a long time, the editing rather let it down. The odd typo or two can easily be forgiven, but this book has more than a few. But having said that, if you can get past the typos, the story is well worth the effort.

Sweet Charlotte by Kate Genet

Michaela, Trisha and Trisha’s younger sister, Caro, are settled in Michaela’s new Zealand home. Life is ticking along nicely, nothing mysterious has happened for quite some time. In fact, Michaela is finding life a little too quiet. But things are about to change.

Celia, one of Michaela’s friends, decides to hold a séance for research into a book she’s writing about her deceased grandmother. Unfortunately things don’t quite go according to plan at the séance. Apparently the wrong spirit put in an untimely appearance. Now the spirit just won’t go away.

When Celia and her partner Mandy’s lives begin to spiral out of control, Mandy asks Michaela if she will help out. After their previous encounters with the shadows, Trisha is not too happy about getting involved with the unknown. Michaela and Caro however, are keen to investigate. But Trisha is greatly concerned for the safety of everyone.

When Trisha finds out some surprising things about herself, she knows she has to join Michaela, Caro and Caro’s friend in their investigation into the disturbances seemingly caused by someone or something from the spirit world.

It’s not long before all concerned are involved in a dangerous, insane and life threatening situation beyond anything any of them had ever experienced before. How can they find a way to solve the mystery from the past to allow a spirit to go into the light where it belongs? Is it possible that this ghostly being can harm the living? Who is Sweet Charlotte?

Trisha is the one who has to come through for them all, but will her belief in herself and love be enough to save them? Or will the spirit win both the battle and the war?

This is the third book in what has turned out to be one of the nicest mystery series I’ve read for a long time. Sweet Charlotte is well written and has a lovely humorous touch throughout.

I love the main characters, Michaela, Trisha and Caro. All three are so different and they compliment each other very well. Kate Genet has introduced some more nice characters in this story. They all play very well together and are essential in progressing the story forward.

This story is spine tingling, thrilling, chilling and intense. It is also very hot in places, always an added bonus. Once I started this book, I couldn’t put it down. It is nicely paced out and I’d reached the end before I knew it. Now I can’t wait for book four in the series.

Shadows Fally by Kate Genet

Michaela and Trisha are separated by circumstances beyond their control. Michaela is back living in New Zealand and Trisha is living with her mother and sister in the USA. They miss each other badly, but neither of them will admit to it.

Out of the blue, Michaela receives a phone call from Trisha, Trisha says she needs Michaela to return to the USA. Unfortunately they have an argument and the phone call ends abruptly on a sour note. After some deliberation, Michaela decides to fly out to the USA to find out what is wrong with Trisha.

Michaela is shocked when she finds out that Trisha’s younger sister, Caro, is in dire need of help. Help that Michaela hasn’t got a clue how to provide. How can Michaela hope to help Caro, when she doesn’t understand whether the problem is man made or from supernatural beings? The house at night is full of human shaped shadows that seem to be targeting Caro. Will Michaela be able to find out who or what these things are? Are they attached to Caro or the house?

On a lighter note, Michaela and Trisha still care deeply for each other, is there a chance of a reconciliation? Will both women realize they are made for each other?

This book is a page turner from the very first page right through to the very last page. It’s the sort of book that I had to keep slowing down to savor. The story is romantic, mysterious, intriguing and terrifying in parts. The tension and horror is almost breath taking and heart stopping. Not a book to be read in the dead of night when alone. It’s really that good! On the other hand there are parts of this book that are steaming hot, giving a whole new meaning to spine tingling and the feeling of being hot and cold.

Michaela and Trisha are as loveable in this book as they were in Silent Light. In this book, Trisha’s adorable kid sister, Caro, takes a large part. All three characters interact really well together. There are other characters added in to progress the story along at a nice steady pace.

There are a few typos, but nothing to spoil the story and the price reflects on this, so I can easily look past them.

In my opinion Kate Genet has created a wonderful series, a delicious mix of mystery, horror and lesbian romance, always a great combination for me. Kate’s storytelling is fantastic, she knows how to keep the reader enthralled and wanting much more.

I have already purchased the next in the series, Sweet Charlotte. I’m well and truly hooked.

Silent Light by Kate Genet

When Michaela’s lover Allison dumps her, she gives her the key to her lakeside cabin and tells her to use it to take a break. Michaela decides to take her up on her offer and arrives at the cabin and gets settled in.

When Michaela returns from a walk, she gets a shock to discover a strange woman in the cabin. When Michaela finds out that Trisha is one of Allison’s previous ex lovers, she is beside her self with disbelief and anger.

The two women eventually agree that the cabin is big enough for both of them to stay. But will Michaela be able to put up with Trisha’s annoying ways? She soon finds out that as infuriating as Trisha is, she’s also very attractive. Will Michaela give in to her feelings? One minute she feels like doing Trisha grievous bodily harm, the next she feels like kissing her senseless. Which will it be?

It’s not long before weird happenings occur across the the lake. The two women see strange lights accompanied by the haunting sound of a child’s laughter. As far as they both know, there are no children anywhere within the vicinity. Curiosity is getting the better of Michaela, she has to find out what is going on. It can’t be a ghost, surely not.

Both Michaela and Trisha begin an amateur sleuthing investigation. They could be putting their lives in danger. Their findings shock them to the core. But who will believe them? That’s even if they get out alive.

This is the first in a series of mystery thrillers with Michaela and Trisha. This is novella length, but there is a tremendous amount packed in to it.

I was hooked in from the first page and my attention was held throughout. I read this in one sitting, I simply couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. The story is mysterious, haunting and spine tingling. It is also hot in parts too.

I loved the characters, Michaela and Trisha. I also liked the way they went after what they wanted, each other, there was no playing around or cat and mouse games.

There are a few editorial issues, a few typos etc, but nothing to detract from the story and the low price more than compensates for this.

After reading this book, I immediately lined up the next in the series. I’ve read some of Kate Genet’s books and loved them, this one is no exception. This looks to be a very promising mystery series.